Installation shots

Based in Madrid, María María Acha-Kutscher is an international visual artist and co-director of the experimental art project Antimuseo. Her work centers on the woman, her story, the struggles for emancipation and equality, and the cultural construction of femininity. Acha-Kutscher organizes her work in long-term projects, for which she individually develops a unique language and methodology. Each of her works is an artistic product in itself, but they are also instruments of social change that contribute to political transformation, especially for women. She defines herself as a feminist artist, viewing art as a powerful political tool.


She has exhibited individually in cities such as Lima, Haifa, Mexico City or Sarajevo and recently, her project “Womankind”, was exhibited at La Virreina Centro de la Imagen in Barcelona. She also received the Prize for Contemporary Art Creation by the Madrid City Council in 2017.