Installation shots

Over the years, Abdelkader Benchamma has built a body of work that focuses on drawing. His artistic practice has evolved throughout his career, absorbing references from classical drawing, scientific modeling, comics, Japanese prints and literature. That said, Benchamma´s drawings are not only delicate and highly sophisticated technical creations, but they also contain a deep reflection on the states of matter and the relationship of humans with the physical and metaphysical environment. The aesthetic evolution of his compositions goes hand in hand with the contents he explores and thus a transformation that goes from the figurative to the abstract and from the individual to the cosmic, can be seen. Benchamma proposes an expanded drawing that overflows the boundaries of the paper to occupy the exhibition space, creating a new dimension that surrounds the viewer.


Abdelkader Benchamma studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris. He has created drawn murals at the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, at the panarab exhibition in Venice during the 54º Biennal, and at the Collège des Bernadins in due to the Nuit Blanche of Paris in 2018. He has shown individually at MRAC Sérignan (2019), also at the CENTQUATRE-Paris (2018), and at The Blueproject Foundation Barcelona (2016). His pieces can be found in public collections such as the FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, the Musee de Beaux Arts-Orleans in France and the MATHAF, Musée Arab d’Art Moderne et Contemporain in Doha, Qatar. Benchamma  was included in the Phaidon book Vitamin D: New Perspectives on Drawing,  a global survey on contemporary drawing that presents 115 artists selected by internationally renowned critics and curators . In 2018 he was awarded with the Occitaine-Médicis 1º prize.