Rayon Fossile: Abdelkader Benchamma


ADN Galeria presents a new exhibition by the artist Abdelkader Benchamma (Mazamet - France, 1975). Rayon Fossile brings together much of the artist's recent production and includes a site-specific project in the gallery's main room.

Abdelkader Benchamma’s artistic practice focuses on drawing. An expanded drawing that overflows the limits of the paper and occupies the exhibition space creating a new dimension that surrounds the viewer.


Rayon Fossile, the artist's third solo exhibition at ADN Galeria, a title taken from the field of astrophysics that alludes to what is known as Cosmic Microwave Background radiation which, captured by Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson in 1965, would later be accepted as the main proof of the Big Bang theory. Just as this radiation points to the universe at the time of its creation, Benchamma invites us to trace memories in our fossilized unconscious through images.


With this exhibition the artist expresses his disenchantment with an increasingly materialistic society and underlines the need to recover the mystical facet lost in contemporary fluidity. To do this, Benchamma's work establishes a dialogue, and at the same time a confrontation, between what is above and what is below, between the human being and the cosmos.

Installation Views