Paisajes revoltosos: Marcos Ávila-Forero


Marcos Ávila-Forero muestra realidades difíciles y duras de una manera humana, sensible y poética, convirtiéndose en testigo y cómplice de estas historias.

In all his works, Marcos Avila Forero shows difficult and harsh realities in a human, sensitive and poetic way, becoming a witness and an accomplice to these stories, confronting the geographical and ideological borders that exist today. Imperceptible boundaries that separate the city from the mountain, the native from the foreigner, the clandestine from the legal, poverty from wealth, tradition from modernity. The works exhibited at ADN Galería stand out for representing everyday life experiences conceived as performance, which the artist understands as alternative forms of history and memory that convey local knowledge of reality beyond borders, times and places.

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