Work team made up in 2006, based in Madrid (Spain).

The decision to work as a group springs from the intention of engaging in an artistic practice centered on discussion and on the clash of ideas and forms of action. The fact of working in a group establishes in itself an interest for intervening in the social sphere. DEMOCRACIA works as a node of interests grouped temporarily for the development of the same objective, which is approached from different perspectives: those of each one of the participants in the project, being these the different agents (permanent and temporary) that shape DEMOCRACIA as the specific communities with which a collaboration is established.


Also DEMOCRACIA works in publishing (they are directors of Nolens Volens magazine) and curatorial projects (No Futuro, Madrid Abierto 2008, Creador de Dueños, Useful Art). They were founders and part of El Perro group (1989-2006).