ORDER Act I. Eat the rich - Kill the poor: DEMOCRACIA


What ORDER Act I. Eat the rich - Kill the poor offers to the viewer is not only a vision of how Houston is organized in social classes but the living image of decadent capitalism trough those who suffer and those who benefit within the system throughout the world.

ORDER, which began to be planned in 2014, is an ambitious work both for its sophisticated production and aesthetics and for the large number of agents involved in. The project led the art group to work in the cities of Houston, Dublin and London in their attempt to capture the current political, economic and social orders. For this purpose they have been inspired by a heterogeneous set of references as cases of collective struggle, punk music or the Hesiod poem Works and Days.


Along with other materials derived from the creative process, ORDER is materialized as an opera filmed in three acts: Eat the Rich - Kill the Poor; Konsumentenchor; and Dinner at the Dorchester. Three acts that function as three films that tell the story of oppressed and oppressors under a capitalist system that does not fulfill its promise of social mobility through meritocracy, and that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Installation Views