Kendell Geers, mounir fatmi and Pep Vidal at Le Botanique

Les Marcel - Collection R. Patt

Marcel Mariën, Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers, Marcel Vandeweyer... there is always a Marcel waiting in the wings! An engraving here, an object there or a painting elsewhere: Marcel rhymes with carousel. After constantly stumbling upon this name in their collection, Chantal and Serge R. Patt decided to turn it into a game. Using a combination of love and humour, they decided to celebrate this much-loved moniker. This is how their collection was given its biggest playground at Le Botanique, where all their historical pieces will be shown in a spontaneous, emotional and playful dialogue with some of their more contemporary pieces. Marcel is on fire! Come out and play: the more Marcel, the merrier.


With the works of Ben Vautier • Camille Leherpeur • Christophe Terlinden • Dialogist-Kantor • Emmanuel Tête Saâdane Afif  Frank JMA Castelyns • François Liénard • Guðný Rósa IngimarsdóttirJasper Johns • Jean-Michel Alberola • Kendell Geers • Laurence Skivée • Lou Dubois • Marcel Broodthaers • Marcel Duchamp • Marcel Mariën • Marcel Vandeweyer • Marc Buchy • Marc Rossignol • Man Ray • Mathieu Mercier • mounir fatmi  Robert Filliou • Stephan Balleux •  Sébastien Delvaux • Stefan Bohnenberg • Takahiro Kudo • Thorsten Brinckmann • Serge Hartmann • Pep Vidal  Walter Swennen • among others.

May 24, 2023
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