Ten is more than a number: Group Show


With works by Carlos Aires, Iván Argote, Virginie Barré, Abdelkader Benchamma, Tobias Bernstrup, Santiago Cirugeda, DEMOCRACIA, Igor Eškinja, Mounir Fatmi, Daniel & Geo Fuchs, Chus García-Fraile, Regina José Galindo, Kendell Geers, Núria Güell, Adrian Melis, Eugenio Merino, Jean-Luc Moerman, Bruno Peinado, Concha Pérez and Federico Solmi, 10 is more than a number recomposse the critical space of art and generates a political project for the emancipation of all the viewers.

On June the 29th , ADN Galería presents 10 IS MORE THAN A NUMBER, a group show which compiles works by all the artists working with the gallery to celebrate its 10th anniversary.


Adopting the theory of the distribution of the sensible by Rancière, the projects presented in 10 is more than a number will to recompose the critical space of art and generate a political project for the emancipation of all the viewers. The artworks shown in the exhibition become places of uncertainty and potential for transforming the consensus. In other words, they aim to disseminate the distribution of the sensible. Their collective objective constructs new spaces opposed to the establish hierarchy and provide a compendium of proposals which work as individual declination of shared topics and actual concerns related with the contemporary society of conflict. Throughout these years, all of them have consolidated the programme of the gallery.

Installation Views