Tedium Vitae: Group Show


The exhibition Tedium Vitae explores boredom as an artistic catalyst featuring works by Marta Burrugori, Jaume Simon Contra, Raquel Friera, Los Jambos, Martin Llavaneras, Adrian Melis, Javier Peñafiel, Sol Prado, Mladen Stilinovic. Curated by On Mediation2.

"Why cannot exist art any more in the West? The answer is simple. Artists in the West are not lazy. Artists from the East are lazy; whetherthey will stay lazy now when they are no longer Eastern artists,remain to be seen" MLADENSTILINOVIC The exhibition Tedium Vitae explores boredom as an artistic catalyst. Tedium Vitae and Indisposició General. Assaig sobre la Fatiga (commissioned by Martí Peran), are two sides of the same coin; two exhibitions reflecting equal problems through different prisms. Tedium Vitae carries out this task through the use of Croatian artist Mladen Stilinovic’s flourish as well as through the work of several young artists: Adrián Melis, Jaume Simon Contra, Martín Llavaneras, Raquel Friera, Los Jambos, Sol Prado and Javier Peñafiel. Self production, propaganda in itself or athletic conquering of all possible milestones are symptoms of an overdue capitalist society, making workers full-time producers within a system that requires equally constant activity and flexibility. This production is complemented by its own projection on social networks, where the individual enters to ultimately become a product on digital display. This hyperconnection, provided by technology and the system that subjugates it, also prevents laziness, boredom and zero production. Mladen Stilinovic words are, hence, the starting point and the main focus of this exhibition. The -active- pause can create art. How can the artist create without forethought? Laziness, pause and not doing are necessary in the middle of this whirlwind; take them as having emancipatory power presented in the form of a policy option, a source of resistance to the system.

Installation Views