Fingers Crossed: Group Show


ADN Platform presents Fingers Crossed, a group show curated by Blanca de la Torre and Sue Spaid, which addresses the current ecological crisis coinciding with the COP25.

Divided into three sections, Fingers Crossed explores: 1) imaginative efforts by earlier artists who jumpstarted environmental awareness, 2) practical actions by contemporary artists who are fighting environmental degradation from different angles, and 3) some more technological visions that inspire the imagination around these issues.


Like scientists, today’s artists either attempt to turn back time or teach us how to adapt to irreversible changes. Issues explored include atmospheric pollution, global warming, natural resource exploitation, nature and indigenous peoples’ rights, water issues, land reclamation, biodiversity loss, post-apocalyptic terrains, and untold futures. Fingers Crossed features local demonstrations, participatory art, installations, videos and photographs by over 20 artists.


Artists and projects documentation by Amy Balkin, Joseph Beuys, Björk, Blue Origin, Diane Burko / Anna Tas, Carolina Caycedo, Søren Dahlgaard, Jan Dibbets, Ant Farm, Buckminster Fuller, Nicolás García Uriburu, Elena Lavellés, Marcos Lutyens, Mary Mattingly, Annechien Meier / Gert-Jan Gerlach, Anna Moreno, Teresa Murak, “Op Eds from the Future” (New York Times), Jean-François Paquay, Mariana Pestaña / Rory Hyde, Robert Rauschenberg, SpaceX, Esteve Subirah, Vera Thaens, Marie Velardi and Pep Vidal.

Installation Views