Trees, treelines and global patterns: Pep Vidal


“There are things that seem to be by chance or out of control, when actually they are not; and vice versa”. Pep Vidal 

Pep Vidal, a mathematician who recently received a doctorate in physics, focuses his research on the infinitesimal changes that can happen at any time and in any place. In other words, on changes that are imperceptible to the human eye and, precisely because of this, enormously surprising. Another branch of his research focusses on the “false randomness” of certain natural phenomena that are erroneously perceived as chance occurrences because of a lack of information.


What is the rule that defines the randomness? Surely it is too complex for us to decode because of our limitations, so we will therefore continue to perceive these phenomena as something that happens by chance. The artist states that the incomplete information we have about systems (spaces where things can occur) remains somewhere between poetry and randomness, the latter of which opposes human ambition to have control over reality. The human being is the only living creature able to consciously transform the world: nature, society and thought.

Installation Views