Marcos Ávila Forero wins the 21st Fondation d'entreprise Ricard Prize

Fondation Pernod Ricard / E-flux

Marcos Ávila Forero is the winner of the 21st edition of Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize, curated by Claire Le Restif.


Created in 1999, the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize was the first to reward young artists on the contemporary scene. Every year, a curator is invited to the Fondation to organize an exhibition that showcases the work of a group of artists under the age of 40. A jury then awards one of these artists a prize, which consists of the purchase of one of their works (subsequently offered to the Centre Pompidou) and funding for a project abroad.


This pioneering approach has thus helped to develop the reputations of a large number of artists in France and abroad.


The previous winners of the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Prize are: Didier Marcel (1999), Natasha Lesueur (2000), Tatiana Trouvé (2001), Boris Achour (2002), Mathieu Laurette (2003), Mircea Cantor (2004), Loris Gréaud (2005), Vincent Lamouroux (2006), Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Péjus (2007), Raphaël Zarka (2008), Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille (2009), Isabelle Cornaro (2010), Benoit Maire (2010), Adrien Missika (2011), Katinka Bock (2012), Lili Reynaud Dewar (2013), Camille Blatrix (2014), Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini (2015), Clément Cogitore (2016), Caroline Mesquita (2017), Liv Schulman (2018).

October 26, 2019
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