Walk to the end of the world: Avelino Sala


The projects presented by Avelino Sala at ADN are manifestations of resistance.

“In our age there is no such thing as 'keeping out of politics.' All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia”. George Orwell, 1984 (1949). Written more than half a century ago, this reflection by Orwell in one of the most essential dystopian works of literature, predicted what the future would be like, a future that has already arrived. Not without a certain dose of authenticity, it shows us a society dominated by some kind of totalitarianism – capitalist or governmental – where emotions are increasingly filtered by the machine. In times of crisis, within the context of late capitalism, something is crumbling and the human being is looking for a balance, a response that gives a sense of the present and global situation; he seeks, in short, not to fall, and he fights, positioning himself as a resistance to power, to the capitalist system,to the dominant class. Within this context, we could state that the projects presented by Avelino Sala at ADN are manifestations of resistance that, from a certain aesthetic sense, consider ironically how one can adopt a critical stance based on questioning and opposition to reality, both through thought and through the visual. But waking up is not enough, and neither is being angry: we must take action

Installation Views