Relationship of command: Laura Llaneli


All these examples are relationships of command. But who is the patron and who is the user? Who establishes the protocol and over who? Either the protocol likes to hide or the protocol is only battled (deactivated, nullified) with another protocol.

The translation of Laura Llaneli’s representation codes into aggressiveness is something that the context of these subjects makes possible. It allows to direct the abstraction of a pattern towards something physical. However, there is a recognizable trace in Laura’s work: the mechanical. The investigation on patterns, intervals and scales directs towards automaticity. Automaticity is understood as something that can be executed as immediately as something programmed; as we understand in computer terms. Mechanical as the brainy and calculated element that we can find in numbers: raw and cold, foreign to kindness. Thanks to all these elements, Laura’s work is the one that could activate this mechanism best. And, at the same time, this mechanism wants to highlight all these reasons into Laura’s proceedings as an artist.
Curated by Jordi Vernis.
Installation Views