Exhibition: Guillaume Bijl


Consecrated for 40 years to the realization of installations that, placed between reality and fiction, are a provocation to the world of art as well as to our consumer society, Bijl makes and shows, being a mirror of our society, what tomorrow can be seen as still lives of our present.

First Bijl’s installation, along with the publication of his statement and the determination of the direction of his works since 1979, is the driving school carried out in April of that same year in Ruimte Z Gallery in Antwerp. Recreated as a tri-dimensional illusion of what a driving school would be where a gallery was placed, what Bijl offers the spectator is the possibility of being an actor in the space or interspace where the real is inevitably united with the artificial or fictional. The paradox of this place demonstrably useful for the community was important because it was deprived of its value in use. Because springing from the idea of being a spectator on the street, this ready-made space provoked the confusion between the people who went to visit the exhibition and the people who went to ask for driving school lessons.

-Curated by Frederic Montornés.


Installation Views