No more landscapes. Physicality strategies: Esteve Subirah


New words, far from expanding the vocabulary, disrupt the relationship between terms and things.

In 1984, Jacques Lacan warned us about neologisms: they are empty words which can become relevant over time and have a linguistic role commonly accepted, but their main task it is to stop signification. In 2008, Esteve Subirah (Ullà, 1975) decided to stop generating new pictures.


The snapshot proliferation strengthens the empty structure described before, which is the same that selfie culture needs to feed a chain of expectations created by pictures: to add immediately new pictures to the already taken. No more landscapes propose an exercise to adapt this resistance in Subirah, restricted in this case to the particular relationship between landscape and representation. In order to do that, the exhibition brings together some works, carried out since 2012, which raise the necessity to think territory from notions related to physicality and materiality.

Installation Views