Desde las montañas: Marcos Ávila-Forero


The artist reveals less evident processes of the social conflict in Colombia and seeks to sublimate the dignity of these societies whose political work becomes a matter of struggle in favor of popular empowerment

Referring to the way in which Colombian guerrillas sign their statements not to be located, Desde las montañas deals with the questions of the war violence, but also of struggle and dignity, applied to different contexts generating approximations and revealing diverse readings. Marcos Ávila-Forero takes his actions as ways of discussing and thinking about specific political issues and social contexts, placing the human being at the center of his research and acting, at the same time, as activist.


Marcos Ávila-Forero manages to seize the space by presenting a series of works of different formats from which particular stories emerge, building bridges of memory by analyzing elements of the past and present. The artist accompanies with his work the fights of these communities, so often forgotten by history and politics, and shows his support by contrasting realities that highlight the meaning of their struggle and, especially, the dignity of their existence.

Installation Views