#iPROtesttHEReforeIam: Kendell Geers


The exhibition takes, as its starting point, the eponymous 1637 quote by René Descartes “I Think Therefore I am” recast into the logic of the contemporary moment.

 The Cartesian logic that once ruled the world has ever since fallen to the wasteland of newspeak, now dubbed fake news. Around the world politicians are capitulating in favour of the highest bidder, selling their souls for a quick fix while we are facing crises that require long-term solutions. The most striking example is global climate crisis: if we do not lower the temperature of the planet by 1,5 degrees Celsius in the next 12 years, climate change will accelerate beyond the point of no return. Throwing Descartes to the hounds, Geers says Now is not the time to think – it’s time to ProTest. His third solo exhibition at ADN Galeria is aptly called “I PROTEST THEREFOR I AM” and it’ an artist’s call to arms. A trickster and storyteller, artist and magician, Kendell Geers throws in a hashtag and rolls his tongue over the letters, smoothing them into a single invented word #iPROtesttHEReforeIam. The artist argues: “The capital letters transform into signposts towards the contradictions of a protest exhibition in a commercial art gallery.”

Installation Views