Palpitar Palpar: Laura Llaneli


ADN Galeria presents Palpitar Palpar, a solo show by Laura Llaneli within the context of Art Nou 2020, in which the artist conducts a particular investigation about the relationship between sounds and bodies.

Palpitar Palpar (What a beautiful sonority!). Some would say an audio-installation or el parlamento de las cosas. A commune, a forest, a lung, the neural network, a symbiosis... A first glance may suggest that Laura Llaneli's gesture relates to a certain idea of sonic hospitality, which incorporates the voices of other bodies in her silent speaking. But this is not true. ‘Hospitality’ and ‘hostility’ are not antonyms but rather conjugated in the same tense. Its prefix hostis designates the host and the enemy equally. We would think, as it is done in the official schools, that violence began with great battles, but perhaps it all started much earlier, when we first traced boundaries, physical and mental, between each other. The border, physical or sonic, is the division between some that relegate otherness to others; origin of all violence. But the metaphysical deconstruction in Palpitar Palpar does not believe in these divisions. Llaneli presents us with a single material body made of vibrations. Her word is your word, hers and everyone else’s.

Installation Views