Global Warming: Eugenio Merino

ADN Galeria is pleased to present a solo show of Spanish artist Eugenio Merino, from September 18th to November the 1st. This is the first solo exhibition in Barcelona, where the artist will show his new works, continuing with the register of acid sculptural work and presenting a series of some very impressive drawings, in medium and large size.

“What I do concerns a lot the world of advertising: it must be understood at first glance and it must be playful, like understanding one thing through another: The fast cheating technique.” (E.Merino) Eugenio Merino was born in 1975 in Madrid. He graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. His works is iconographical based on his favorite fiction characters from cinema, television and internet. Among others, superheroes, characters from entertainment industry and cartoons are frequently present. With all these elements coming from the media world Merino started to articulate his modus operandi, with the aim of finding a dialogue with the audience. Merino started to get into stereotypes, focussing on mass media, politics, VIPs, religious leaders, among others. All of them serve as departure point for his conceptual twists and acid humour.


From a technical point of view, Merino has had a very fruitful evolution; he began painting until he realized he´d rather use different formats and media according to the need of a particular production. Nevertheless, he is well known for his human-size mixmedia sculptures. It was indeed, three years ago he started working sculpture in a realistic way, taking advantage of realizing works using casts made of materials like resins and silicon among others. During these last years Merino is becoming a prominent icon of national contemporary art, thanks to the direct strike his work causes in the audience. His works reflect real problems of our society: war, pollution, difference between developed and underdeveloped countries, religion, politics, social problems and everything concerning contemporary society. His strategy is to unmask realities, invite the audience to think about worrying problems from a personal point of view, like corroding the consciousness. Merino stimulates us to see the ironic in tragedy, or what is bitterer in a satiric context.