Ne travaillez jamais: Group Show


La exposición Ne travaillez jamais toma la ciudad de Sant Cugat del Vallès como contexto y pretexto para cuestionar aquellos discursos que configuran la noción común de trabajo. Con obras de Alán Carrasco, Paco Chanivet, Diásporas Críticas, Raquel Friera. Curada por Blanca del Río, Mariella Franzoni, Lidia González Alija, Antonella Medici, Lucía Piedra.

The exhibition Ne travaillez jamais takes the city of Sant Cugat del Vallès as a context and pretext to question those discourses that shape the common notion of work. The exhibition brings together four artistic projects, which use different strategies to explore and reveal specific labour dynamics of the city in collaboration with its inhabitants. Thus, the project aims to delve into those politics of knowledge, imaginary and discourse production around the labour, from within the context where the labour occurs. In this view, a dissident counter-narrative must be engen- dered from the place where the production is activated: the body, the com- munity, the subjectivity and the labour machinery.

 The works of Alán Carrasco, Paco Chanivet, Diásporas Críticas and Raquel Friera represent a laboratory of experimentation and creation of social spaces. Thus, Ne travaillez jamais vindicates a strategy of small-scale politics as a response to the effects of the macropolitics and as a way to reconfigure labour imaginary through the site-specific art practice

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