Memoria Selectiva: Adrian Melis


The exhibition presents a set of artworks that reflect upon the concept of the intentional selection of memories, not only in a mentally and psychological level but also in a socio-political dimension, which finally filters and even erases those evocations, replacing them for fake memories created upon convenience.

Censorship, reproduction and construction of memories in Adrian’s works state that new speeches generate new realities upon self interests, providing evidence of methods and manipulations adopted by post-truth politics.


Melis compiles in his work ruins of utopia, dreams and nightmares, bounded by images, lines and walls visible and invisible, marked by the economy and its social effects. He has brought them close to the cultural bustle of a space for art, apparently in an area placed in the middle of a geographic and economic spot that is denied to many people’s lives. Maybe this decision has let us come closer, for an instant, to that revolutionary quote claimed, among others, by Berríos and Jakobsen, which states that the Revolutionary Exhibition is going to turn the museum’s saloons into places to express real subjects in the real world.

Vistes de instal·lació