The interdisciplinary work of Miquel García explores different lines of research: the notion of space and territory, the analysis of economic and power structures, and contemporary theories on history and collective identity. His projects are narratives built from created or appropriated texts. He is interested in searching for gaps, and omissions, sometimes through what is hidden, or forgotten, detecting changes in his own history, development and disappearance. His proposals link in one way or another to the socio-political formation of today's world and to human behaviors, migrations, exclusions, abuses of power, and survival strategies.

With a degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Research and Artistic Production from the University of Barcelona, he finished his studies at the Cooper Union in New York. Miquel has carried out various artistic residences, among which we highlight: El Ranchito (Matadero, Madrid), La Casa das Caldeiras (San Paulo), Dare Dare (Montreal), Chang Dong Art Studio in Seoul (a grant from Unesco-Auschberg), in Axeneo7 (Quebec) awarded a grant by Conca, at MCO art (granted by the Joan Miró Foundation of Mallorca) and at Hangar, Barcelona.

He has exhibited collectively at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris and Malaga, the Vermelho Gallery in São Paulo, the Sala d’ Art Jove de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona (prize in the 2013 edition), in Casino, Luxemburg, Stampa, in Basel and at the Biennials of Mardin (Turkey), Turku (Finland), Vic, Zamora and ALBIAC (Almería). His work has been presented individually at the Noain Cultural Center, at the Barcelona àngels gallery, at the Cooper Union (New York) and at the Tarragona Museum of Modern Art. He has also taught as a teacher in workshops with young people in Medellín, Manizales, (Colombia), Bolivia, São Paulo, Palestine, Barcelona, Bilbao and Buenos Aires.