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Jordi Colomer. "Encuentros" (Diari de Tarragona). October 28th, 2017.

José Luis Corazón Ardura writes an article about Jordi Colomer´s baixar al carrer/ bajar a la calle/ going down into the street/ descendre dans la rue at ADN Galeria. 

Jordi Colomer. ABC Cultural. September 21st, 2017.

ABC Cultural propose a list of essential exhibitions, among them Jordi Colomer´s "baixar al carrer/ bajar a la calle/going down into the street/descendre dans la rue" at ADN Galeria. 

Jordi Colomer @ ADN Galeria. La Vanguardia. September 22th, 2017.

Jordi Colomer´s baixar al carrer / bajar a la calle / descendre dans la rue/ going down into the street at ADN Galeria has been highlighted by La Vanguardia´s article on Barcelona Gallery Weekend´s 3rd. edition.  As it has been the case since its inception, our program functions as a semantic reflection of nowaday´s social dynamics. This show could not be more pertinent given the actual situation in our context. 

Salim Bayri. ABC Cultural. September 5th, 2017.

Within the context of Art Nou´s 6th edition Primera Visió 2017,  Anna Maria Guasch comments on Salim Bayri´s exhibition "Welcoming", at ADN Galeria.


Mounir Fatmi. Interview @ Liceo Magazine. September 13th, 2017.

Véronique Rieffel interviews Mounir Fatmi for Liceo Magazine (13.09.2017): "Islam, same as other religions, philosophies and concepts, has to be used and criticized by art and artists. I think still exists a free space in art that has to be used at the latest". 

Núria Güell (interview). Confidencial. June 2017.

Confidencial interviewed Núria Güell while she was in Nicaragua this past June. The artist led six visual artists´ residencies along Patricia Belli at Chicas Estudio. The residencies revolved around power relations between artists and their context. The art residency was presented in Masaya, Nicaragua, under the name "RAPACES".


Interview link:

Le Monde. June 16th, 2017.

Bouchra Khalili: "Une Documenta sous le signe de la lutte" @ Le Monde (16.06.2017), by Philippe Dagen. Khalili´s "The Tempest Society" is considered by the journalist as one of the most remarkable works of Documenta14, along with Daniel G. Andújar´s, Maria Eichorn, Kader Attia, Guillermo Galindo or Roee Rosen´s, among others.

Encuentros (Diari de Tarragona). May 27th, 2017.

Imma Prieto for Encuentros (Diari de Tarragona; 27.05.17), on Teresa Margolles´ show ´Fuerza Centrífuga´. Prieto reflects on the void of/after exclusion, inhospitality and invisibility. The exhibition, commissioned by José Luis Corazón Ardura, will be on view at ADN Platform until October 2017.

Vice Magazine. June 18th, 2017.

´Fragmented Memory´, Mounir Fatmi´s first solo show in Johannesburg. VICE dissects his work through an interview carried out by Alice McCool (18.06.17), "Morocco’s Anti-Colonial "Moon King" Lives—Inside This Artist´s Memory". 


Tria 33. June 11th, 2017.

Laura Sangrà talks about Europe, immigration and art. These are just some of the topics chosen by Tria33 for last Saturday´s report. Eugenio Merino´s show ´Home Swiss Home´ at Adn Galeria is part of the week´s recommended shows. 

Time Out. June 1-7, 2017.

Eugenio Merino´s Home Swiss Home was featured at Time Out Barcelona´s issue #460 as Best sculpture Exhibition of the Week (June 1st-7th). 

The Art Newspaper. June 5th, 2017.

The Art Newspaper, "Greece: this is the word". The website interviews four professionals of the art world about Documenta 14´s edition. Two of them (Katharine Stout, from the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, and Stephanie Rosenthal, Hayward Gallery/Martin Gropius Bau) coincide considering "The Tempest Society" by Bouchra Khalili as one of the most remarkable pieces of the German quinennial.

Contemporary Art Society. April 21st, 2017.

Ali MacGip, "Documenta 14: Learning from Athens". [Bouchra Khalili] 

ABC Cultural. June 3rd, 2017.

Juan Francisco Rueda: "Arte, turismo, hoteles y maestros". Review of two exhibitions in Málaga. One of them is "Aquí murió Picasso", by Eugenio Merino. 

Plus 24 (diari Il Sole 24 Ore). June 3, 2017.

Silvia Anna Barrilà, "La forma della disuguaglianza". Interview with Miguel Ángel Sánchez, ADN Galeria´s director, published in Plus 24 weekly.

Art Africa. March 2017.

Kendell Geers guest edits "A Luta Continua", "Art Africa"´s Issue #7. The magazine was presented in Art Paris, where Africa was Guest of Honor.

Mousse. May 2017.

Kirsty Bell, "Learning from Athens?". Bell mentions the work "Akropolis Redux (The Director´s Cut)", which is being exhibited in the Kassel edition at Documenta14. The work belongs to the EMST Collection (National Museom of Contemporary Art), in Athens.


Frieze. April Issue, 2017. #186.

Bouchra Khalili & Núria Güell answer to the question "How important is art as a form of protest?", along with other artists, curators and contemporary writers. Redacció.

ABC Cultural. May 27th 2017.

Javier Díaz-Guardiola. "¿Cómo se vende una sensación?. The journalist´s review of the exhibitions at ADN Galeria & ADN Platform opened on May 20th, 2017.


El País. May 25th, 2017.

Roberta Bosco: "Un Loop corto, pero de nivel". Crònica del festival i fira Loop Barcelona, 2017. ADN Galeria presenta "Un pechiche para Benkos", de Marcos Ávila Forero.

Hyperallergic. April 19th, 2017.

Matt Stromberg, "Artists decolonize the history of the Americas at the Vincent Price Art Museum" [Iván Argote]  

Hyperallergic. March 28th, 2017.

Seph Rodney, "A Biennial in Sharjah offers world enough". [Abdelkader Benchamma]

Daily Mail. 5.05.2017

Chris Pleasance. That´s a good impression(ism): Hyperrealistic sculpture of Picasso complete with HUMAN HAIR goes on display in his birthplace of Malaga. [Eugenio Merino].



Daily Mail:

La Sexta Noticias (video):
El País:
El Mundo:
La Vanguardia:
Diario Sur:

La Vanguardia. 6.05.2017

Adolfo S. Ruiz. Picasso yaciente. [Eugenio Merino]

Sleek Magazine. 2.05.2017

Donna Schons. The Best of Art Brussels: these are the ten booths that caught our eyes at the 35th edition of the Belgian art fair. [Art Brussels]


El País. 19.04.2017.

Bea Espejo. Jordi Colomer: “Las utopías son el soporte perfecto para imaginar”. [Jordi Colomer].



Núvol & Jot Down by Eloy Fernández Porta. March 14th 2017.

El mundo coleccionable, an article by Eloy Fernández Porta in which Carlos Pazos´ litographs are also mentioned. Fernández Porta talks about Oriol Vilanova, the act of collecting and his solo shows, Diumenge (Domingo) and Colección XV. Published in Jot Down (Spanish version) and Núvol, digital de cultura (Catalan version). 

Link in Catalan (Núvol, digital de cultura):
Link in Spanish (Jot Down):

Le Figaro. March 15th, 2017.

Valérie Duponchelle writes "L´Afrique au cœur du printemps artistique parisien" at Le Figaro, in which she mentions Art Paris Art Fair. Africa is the invited guest at the fair. It will be celebrated at Grand Palais from March 20 until April 2nd. ADN Galeria will participate with a solo show by South-African artist Kendell Geers, whose work we also had the pleasure to host in September 2016, during the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. The exhibition was called ´ProPaganDaDa´.

You can check the exhibition porfolio here: The pictures were taken by Roberto Ruiz.

Le Figaro piece:  

Semíramis en Babilonia. March 14th, 2017

Interesting review of Núria Güell´s project "La feria de las Flores" (2015-2016) by Semíramis en Babilonia. The author saw the piece at Feria ARCO 2017. This is a great occasion to remember Núria´s project, which was exhibited for the first time in Barcelona in her solo show "Good Intentions". Food for thought for all those who question the embedded violence, patriarchy, sexualization, exploitation and body commodification in our current system.

ABC Cultura. March 13th, 2017

"Meter la herida en el dedo", by Javier Díaz Guardiola. The article reviews ´El borde de una herida´ [The Edge of a Wound] at Centro Centro de Madrid. The show, curated by Juan Guardiola, counts with the piece "Mar Negro" by Carlos Aires. [Carlos Aires] 

Press clipping ARCO 2017

News between 18th and 25th of February talk about the work of different artists exposed in ARCO, like ´Pasaporte de rescate´ created by Eugenio Merino or ´Sweet dreams´ by Carlos Aires.


Another relevant fact is the delivery of the Prize Illy 2017 to Iván Argote, for his deconstruction with humor of the political, social and historical reality across the game of languages, photographies, sculptures, magazines and state publications. In his work ´Is this tomorrow´ it dislocates seemingly stable structures as the iron with the fragility of the paper perforated of images and information of the capitalist market.

Revista Mirall entrevista a Pablo España. 09.02.17.

Regarding "ORDER. Act III. Dinner at The Dorchester".

"DEMOCRACIA està contra la Democràcia": 

The Culture Trip. 31.01.17.

Tara Jessop, "10 Gallery Exhibitions to see in Barcelona Winter". Soft Power at ADN Galeria. [31.01.17]

Què Fem? (La Vanguardia supplement). From January 20th to 27th, 2017.

Laia Antúnez, "Un recorregut per les galeries". [Eugenio Merino & Tobias Bernstrup]

TVE. La Aventura del saber. 05.10.2016

Carlos Aires in TVE. Aires took part in the TV program La Aventura del Saber with the project Truck Art Project.

bonart. February, March & April 2017.

Mercè Alsina, "Pazos en essència pura: ´Artissimo´, el guió que mai no va ser". [Carlos Pazos]

Vanity Fair. January 2017.

Ángela Molina "The big bang artist" [Núria Güell]

La Vanguardia (suplement). From January 20th to January 26th 2017.

"Un recorregut per les galeries. Recomanem deu exposicions que podeu trobar a les galeries de Barcelona durant els propers mesos". La Vanguardia (Suplement).

Next exhibtion Tobias Bernstrup and Eugenio Merino. 

Roots and routes. December 2016

"Sin miedo a participar. Seis preguntas a Núria Güell sobre la obra La Feria de las Flores" by Cecilia Guida

Cultura/s, La Vanguardia. December 31st, 2016.

Naila Vázquez, "Poder suave, poder pequeño". Cultura/s, la Vanguardia (suplement). Review of "Soft Power" at ADN Galeria [Virginie Barré / Bruno Peinado]. 

Artforum. December 2016.

Artforum´s December Issue designates "The Mapping Journey Project" by Bouchra Khalili as one of the best shows of 2016. The exhibition was on display at MoMA The Museum of Modern Art from April to October, 2016. The work is also considered among the best in 2016.

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte. December issue 2016

"Arte al límite", an article by Marga Perera that analyses how Spanish galleries are adapting to changing times in the art market. Among the interviewees and galleries featured in the article, ADN Galeria and also Sant Cugat space ADN Platform can be found. On the other hand, the new issue also features an interview to Spanish artist Jordi Colomer, whose solo show "Medina-Parkour" can be seen at ADN Platform from October 2016 until April 2017. 

Le Bastart. November 2016

"When love moves us to act" [Núria Güell]

Spektrum. September 23th 2016

"The golden era is now. Spanish contemporary art has produced a number of international stars" [Carlos Aires]

Diari ARA. November 29th 2016

Antoni Ribas Tur "L´extraradi hauria d´entrar a la ciutat" [Jordi Colomer]

La Stampa. November 4th, 2016.

Angelo Mistrangelo. "Dal 4 al lingotto Artissima: è qui la bellezza di tutto il mondo". [Carlos Pazos]

Ràdio Web MACBA. October 11th 2016.

SON[I]A at Ràdio Web MACBA (11.10.2016). Kendell Geers reveals details of his artistic and life path in the podcast. The South African artist also reflects on terrorism, linguistic violence, Africanness and socio-political tensions before and after apartheid. 

ABC El Cultural. October 10th 2016.

Anna Mª Guasch, "Las galerías de Barcelona vuelven a la carrera" [Kendell Geers. Special edition regarding Barcelona Gallery Weekend]. 

On Barcelona (El Periódico). September 30th, 2016.

Natàlia Farré: "Art a Dojo". Recommendations for the Barcelona Gallery Weekend. [Kendell Geers]

Blouin Artinfo. September 28th 2016.

Frieze. September issue, 2016.

Bouchra Khalili among the best artists in 2008. 25th anniversary issue. 

Frieze. September issue, 2016.

Bouchra Khalili. Färgfabriken, Stockholm. Review.

El Punt/Avui. August 28th 2016.

Montse Frisach, "Ciència artística o art científic?" [Pep Vidal] 

ABC El Cultural. July 19th, 2016.

Anna Mª Guasch, "De Buenas Intenciones". [Núria Güell]

Radio BIB Rambla. Núria Güell & Levi Orta

´Figuratively´. Podcast of Radio BIB Rambla with Núria Güell and Levi Orta. The proposal of the artists consists of inviting a member of a neo-nazi group to read love poems for the radio´s listeners. With this project, Núria Güell and Levi Orta rethink the commonly perverse usage of the discourse in the current political scene, which obliterates the ethic dimension of words. 

Frieze. June 30th 2016.

Max Andrews, ´Critic´s Guide: Barcelona´. [Núria Güell- Good Intentions] 

art agenda.June 28th, 2016.

Loop Barcelona. Review [Adrian Melis - Glories of a Forgotten Future] 


La Vanguardia. Tuesday, June 29th 2016.

Teresa Sesé, ´Proyectos arriesgados y artistas jóvenes toman las galerías en julio´. Martes 28 de junio de 2016. [Núria Güell - Good Intentions]

Barcelonés. Thursday, May 28th 2016.

ADN Galeria on the top 5 art galleries in the city according to Barcelonés magazine. Written by Alba Baeza (26.05.16). 

Time Out Barcelona. June 15th 2016.

Aina Mercader. ´Núria Güell. Buenas Intenciones´. [Núria Güell]

Butxaca. June 13th, 2016.

Revista Flotante. Issue #6. June 2016.

Ixia labatut, ´Sobre el estado ficción y sus narrativas del sujeto nacional´ [Núria Güell]

Tria 33 (TV3). June 3rd 2016.

Diari ARA. June 3rd 2016.

Antoni Ribas Tur: ´Loop: quan el videoart vol ser transcendental´ [Adrian Melis]

Le Quotidien de l´Art. June 3rd de 2016.

Roxana Azmi, «Adrian Melis se livre à une réflexion complexe sur la destruction de la personne humaine» 

33 Recomana (Televisió de Catalunya). May 27th 2016

Ràdio Web MACBA. June 1st 2016.

Ràdio web MACBA. Fons àudio #41. Interview with Adrian Melis.



La Tribu de Catalunya Ràdio. May 27th 2016.

Interview at Catalunya Ràdio: ´Salvem les obres de la humanitat que estan en perill a Síria" [Núria Gell]



La Vanguardia. May 26th 2016.

Teresa Sesé, ´Primavera Videográfica´. [Núria Güell] 

El País. May 24th 2016.

Roberta Bosco, ´El videoarte del Loop llega más potente que nunca´. [Núria Güell & Avelino Sala]

La Vanguardia. May 7th 2016.

Imma Prieto, ´Porque el sur siempre existió´. About P.I.G.S group show @ Artium. [Carlos Aires, Núria Güell, Avelino Sala & Federico Solmi]

Mezosfera. April 16th, 2016.

Katalin Erdödi, ´Appealing the State to Become Stateless´ [Núria Güell] 

El Mundo. April 23rd, 2016.

Ignacio Vidal-Folch, ´Naufragios recientes´ [Carlos Pazos] 

Metrópolis (RTVE). Sunday May 22nd 2016.

The program Metrópolis explores Mounir Fatmi´s creative universe and reviews his last exhibition, Darkening process, at the MMP+. 

Tendencias del mercado del arte. May 2016.

Marga Perera, "La herida luminosa" [Carlos Pazos]

La Vanguardia, ´Dinero´. April 24th 2016.

Juan Bufill, ´Pazos: esto sí que es arte!´ [Carlos Pazos - Recent Shipwrecks]

Tria 33 (TV3). Monday April 25th 2016.

La Vanguardia. April 18th 2016

Juan Bufill, "Carlos Pazos réune en un vídeo los tópicos del cine sobre el mundo del arte"

ABC El Cultural. April 16th 2016

Anna Mª Guasch, "Postureo de Carlos Pazos"

El País. April 11th 2016

Roberta Bosco, ´Carlos Pazos y su película robada en los mercadillos´ [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

La Butxaca. April 2016

Irene Pujades, "Carlos Pazos. Naufragios Recientes" [Carlos Pazos]

PETRIe. April 4th 2016

Elena Stanciu, "The Art of Mounir Fatmi" 

Diptyk. April 4th 2016

Marie Moignard, "Toi, moi et tous les autres" [mounir fatmi]

The New York Times. March 30th 2016

Randy Kennedy, ´The Mapping Journey, Bouchra Khalili´s Searing Refugee Project´. [Bouchra Khalili] 

TIME OUT. March 30th 2016

Eugènia Sendra, ´La sabata perduda en la nit´ [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

ARTFORUM. March 29th 2016

ARA. March 29th 2016

Xavier Serra, ´Carlos Pazos, el cinema i els clixés sobre l´art´ [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

El Punt Avui. March 21st 2016

Maria Palau, "Nàufrag Carlos Pazos" [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

El Periódico. March 20th 2016

Ramón de España, "De la vida como naufragio" [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

Què fem? La Vanguardia. March 18th 2016

Laia Antúnez, "El Naufragi com una metàfors irònica del fracàs" [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

ABC El Cultural. March 12th 2016

Noemí Méndez, "PIGS: Si los cerdos hablasen" [Federico Solmi - Carlos Aires - Núria Güell - Avelino Sala]

La Vanguardia. March 17th 2016

Jordi Playà, "Collage de cine" [Carlos Pazos - Naufragios Recientes]

ARCO. February 2016

Le Quotidien de l´Art. March 3rd 2016

Roxana Azimi, "Mounir Fatmi presente sa premipere exposition personelle au Maroc"

ABC Cultural. February 20th 2016

"Medallas de oro, plata y bronce". ARCO [Núria Güell - Mounir Fatmi - Carlos Aires]

Monde Hors Série. January-March 2016

"Les Djihadistes et la subversion des mots" [Mounir Fatmi]

FRIEZE PUBLISHING. Februray 10th 2016

Critic´s Guide - Dublin [Núria Güell]

El Punt Avui. February 11th 2016

Jordi Nadal, "De vocació, apàtrida" [Núria Güell] Februray 5th 2016

David Sarabia, "Querer y no poder dejar de ser español" [Núria Güell]

Playground Magazine. 26 de enero de 2016

Alba Muñoz, "Un paraíso fiscal para todos, ¿la rebelión decisiva? [Núria Güell]

NEO2. January - February 2016

Mariano Mayer, "No song to sing" [ADN Platform]

ARTFORUM. December 2015

Frederic Sven, "Göteburg International Biennial for Contemporary Art" [Bouchra Khalili]

La Vanguardia, Què fem?. December 24th 2015

Laia Antúnez, "La història de les imatges" [Iván Argote-La puesta en marcha de un sistema]

FRIEZE Magazine (Issue 167 - January/February 2016)

Jörg Heiser, "Around town" [Barcelona Gallery Weekend - Bouchra Khalili] 

AD. December 15th 2015

Ianko López, "10 obras de arte (POSIBLEMENTE) a tu alcance" [Avelino Sala]

Wall Street International. December 9th 2015

Iván Argote, "La puesta en marcha de un sistema". 

La Libération. December 8th 2015

El Español - Cultura. November 28th 2015

Peio H.Riaño, "Siete motivos para censurar el arte en España" [Núria Güell & Eugenio Merino]

Le Figaro. November 23rd 2015

Mathleu de Taillac, "Franco, une obre encombrante" [Eugenio Merino]

ABC Cultural. November 20th 2015

Javier Díaz Guardiola, "Una galería dentro de otra" [ADN Platform & ADN Factory]

EL PAÍS. October 28th 2015

J.J.G, Nuevo revés de la justicia a la Fundación Francisco Franco [Eugenio Merino]

ABC. October 10th 2015

Javier Guardiola, La Barcelona vigoréxica [Barcelona Gallery Weekend-ADN galeria]

NÚVOL El digital de Cultura. October 9th 2015

Clàudia Rius, Alliberar la memòria igual que hem alliberat el país i la llengua [Bouchra Khalili-Foreign Office]

El Pais. October 7th 2015

Roberta Bosco, "Figueres censura una ´performance´ de un coche con pegatinas franquistas" [Núria Güell]

The Culture Trip. September 2015

The Barcelona Gallery Weekend opens New Season, Susanna Corchia  [BGW - ADN Galeria]

La Vanguardia Què Fem? September 25th 2015

Laia Antúnez, Barcelona Gallery Weekend, El retorn a les galeries [ADN Galeria]

PRESS CLIP ArtInternational Istanbul. September 4-6th 2015

Capital Arte. August 2015

Ernesto Castro, Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns [Pep Vidal]

ARA. August 24th 2015

Antoni Ribas, "Art, denúncia i històries de vida" [Núria Güell]


Sara Valverde, "En busca de los patrones salvajes" [Pep Vidal]

Encuentros - Diari de Tarragona. July 25th 2015

Anna Dot, La inactividad sobre propuesta [Tedium Vitae - ADN Platform]

TIME OUT. July 22th 2015

Eugènia Sendra, La mesura dels arbres [Pep Vidal- Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns]

Wall Street International. July 10th 2015

Art : Trees, Treelines and Global Patterns [Pep Vidal] 

ABC Cultural. July 11th 2015

Anna Mª Guasch, Lo nuevo llega antes esta vez [ArtNou - Pep Vidal]

Pep Vidal´s interview within the framework of his exhibition at ADN Galeria. 

La Vanguardia. June 25th 2015

Teresa Sesé, Elogio de la Fatiga [mounir fatmi]

La Vanguardia / El País / El Periódico / El Punt Avui / El Mundo. June 17th 2015

Articles about the exhibition Deseos y necesidades. Nuevas incoporaciones a la colección del MACBA

El Punt Avui. June 14th 2015

Montse Frisach, Barricades de cultura [Avelino Sala-Walk to the end of the world]

Varias galerías españolas participan en la 11ª edición de VOLTA Basel [ADN Galería]

ABC Cultural. June 6th 2015

Anna Mª Guasch, El festival de vídeo, bajo la lupa [Avelino Sala-Loop Festival]

TIME OUT. June 5th 2015

Alberto Forns, El racó de l´artista [Avelino Sala]

Capital ARTE. June 2015

Ernesto Castro, Walk to the end of the world [Avelino Sala]

PIEL Magazine. May 25th 2015

Pablo Peñalba, "Walk to the end of the world" [Avelino Sala] 

Tot Sant Cugat. 2May 24th 2015

Mireia Puente Benito, Arrenca el 5è cicle d´exposicions d´ADN Platform 

Hoy es Arte. May 6th 2015

Los artistas de ‘C.I.T.I.’ hablan sobre el arte de acción [Núria Güell]

Capital ARTE. May 2015

Ernesto Castro, Marcos Ávila Forero, Paisajes Revoltosos

AD Architectural Design. April 30th 2015

De cara a la galería, Ianko López [ADN Galería]

Le Quotidien de l´Art. April 26th 2015

The Art Daily News - Art Brussels 2015 [Bruno Peinado & Mounir Fatmi]

ABC Cultural. April 2015

Anna Mª Guasch, La desunión europea [exposición Prophetia - Avelino Sala/Núria Güell/Chus García-Fraile]

La Vanguardia - Culturas. April 4th 2015

Noèlia Hernández, Europa sin costuras [Prophetia - Núria Güell / Chus García-Fraile / Avelino Sala]

El País Semanal. April 5th 2015

Jorge Carrión, La artista pirata [Núria Güell]

ARTFORUM. April 6th 2015

Miguel Amado, Marcos Ávila Forero [Unruly Landscapes] 

Culturamas. March 20th 2015

Carlos Toribio, "Los paisajes Revoltosos de Marcos Ávila Forero" [Marcos Ávila Forero-Unruly Landscapes]

El Punt Avui. March 12th 2015

Montse Frisach, Lament per Europa [Núria Güell & Chus García-Fraile]

La Vanguardia. March 12th 2015

Teresa Sesé, La Miró explora las fracturas de Europa [Núria Güell & Chus García-Fraile]

La Vanguardia. March 11th 2015

Justo Barranco, Tejiendo el S.XX [Núria Güell]

Expo: Les variacions Sebald, CCCB 

Núria Güell. Group show at CCCB. From March 11th to July 26th 2015. Barcelona, Spain

Las variaciones Sebald, curated by Jorge Carrión & Pablo Helguera 

ABC. February 28th 2015

Antonio Lobo, El recorrido del experto [Núria Güell & Iván Argote - ARCO]

PAC. Contemporary Art Platform. February 27th 2015

Ana G.Alarcón, Recorrido de Arte español en ARCO 2015, [Adrian Melis-ARCO] 

ART21 Magazine. March 2015

Mikkel Rosengaard, Offshore Art: Artistic Strategies in a Ruined Democracy [Núria Güell] 

El Periódico. February 26th 2015

Natàlia Farré, Arco exhibe optimismo [Eugenio Merino-ADN]

GARA. March 1st 2015

Julio Iglesias, Arco 2015 exhibe mesura tanto en el negocio como en la creación [Merino & Aires-ADN]

ABC. February 28th 2015

Natividad Pulido, ¿Se ha autocensurado el mundo? [ARCO-Eugenio Merino-ADN]

El Mundo-El Cultural. February 27th 2015

José Roca, Anuncio de cosechas [ARCO-Iván Argote]

Les February 27th 2015

Judith Benhamou, A Madrid, l´Arco joue la carte de l´Amerique latine [ARCO-ADN]

El País. February 27th 2015

Roberta Bosco, Una buena feria para Cataluña [ARCO-ADN]

El Periódico de Aragón. February 25th 2015

ARCO recupera el optimismo tras unos años difíciles [ARCO-ADN Galeria]

El Sur-Diario de Málaga. February 25th 2015

Málaga en Arco: con elvPompidou, pero sin galerías [Carlos Aires-ARCO]

Le Quotidien de l´Art. February 26th 2015

ARCO, une foire engagée [ARCO-Núria Güell]

Page 7

Artsy. ADN Galeria at ARCO madrid 2015

ABC Cultural.February 21st 2015

Javier-Diaz Guardiola, ARCo´15, La ventana indiscreta [ARCO-Iván Argote]

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte. nº 80 February

ARCO looks to Latinoamérica [ADN Galeria - Art & Politics]

La Vanguardia. February 18th 2015

Teresa Sesé, The most latin ARCO [ARCO-ADN Galeria]

El País. February 17th 2015

Roberta Bosco, Cataluña lleva a Arco sus tendencias creativas del último siglo [ARCO-ADN Galeria]

Núria Güell. Al Jazeera. February 18th 2015

Displaced Legal Application by Núria Güell & Levi Orta. Film documentary strand on Al Jazeera and produced by Banyak Films (London).  

POSTCONTEMPORANEA. Arte o Pensamiento. Number 3 -2014

Marcos Ávila Forero

MCD Musique et Cultures Digitales. December 2014 / February 2015

Leçons de desobéissance fiscale avec Núria Güell [Núria Güell]

Excodra Barcelona. January 16¡7th 2015

AD. February 2015

Top Ten, Galerías [ADN Platform]

Revista Miralls. January 15th 2015

Joan Vila i Boix, "Who is afraid of mounir fatmi? [Light & Fire-Mounir fatmi] 

El Punt Avui / Cultura. January 2nd 2015

Montse Frisach, "Cadena d´artistes lladres" [Mireia Sallarès]

ARTNET. December 29th 2014

Kara Walker, "The 50 Most Exciting Artists of 2014" [Bouchra Khalili & Santiago Cirugeda] 

ABC Cultural. December 27th 2014.

Anna Mª Guasch, "Un cartel de nombres internacionales [mounir fatmi - Light & Fire]

The Wall Art Magazine. December 27th 2014

Nerea Arrojería, "El comisario como guionista y director - David G.Torres" [La balada de Wendy entre d’autres, cielo preview, visual mode - David G.Torres] 

La Vanguardia. Culturas. December 20th 2014

Juan Bufill, "Mounir Fatmi reflexiona en ADN sobre la intolerancia y el colonialismo"

Les Inrockuptibles. November 2014

Carlos Aires, Disasters

Wall Street International (Art). November 27th 2014

ARTISHOCK. November 9th 2014

Imma Prieto, ¿A quién? Y ¿de quién? [We protect you from yourselves - DEMOCRACIA] 

La Vanguardia. Culturas. November 5th 2014

Imma Prieto, ¿A quién? Y ¿de quién? [We protect you from yourselves - DEMOCRACIA]

re-title. October 15th 2014

World Photography Organisation. October 14th 2014

Exhibition at ADN Galeria_We protect you from yourselves 

La Vanguardia. October 4th 2014

Teresa Sesé: ´La estimulante rentrée de las galerías´ [Adrian Melis - Swab / DEMOCRACIA - Os protegemos de vosotros mismos]

Flair Issue 12. October 2014

´Passione, Contestazione,Colorazione´ [Eugenio merino]

El País. October 3rd 2014

Roberta Bosco, El triunfo del dibujo [Adrian Melis - Swab / DEMOCARCIA - We protect you from yourselves] 

Wall Street International (Economy & Polictics). October 3rd 2014

El Punt Avui. September 19th 2014

Maria Palau, ´L´experiència de l´art´, [Luz Broto-17m]

La Vanguardia. Culturas. September 17th 2014.

Imma Prieto, ´¿Alter/nativo?´, [ADN Platform]

ABC Cultural. September 13th 2014

Anna Mª Guasch, ´Creadores que piden paso´, [Art Nou-Luz Broto]

ABC Cultural. September 6th 2014

Javier Díaz Guardiola, ´Está pasando, contémoslo´ [The Rebel City-ADN Platform]

El Punt Avui. September 4th 2014

Montse Frisach, ´Setembre farcit d´art emergent´, [Art Nou - Luz Broto]

La Vanguardia. September 4th 2014

Teo Camino, ´El arte joven invade Barcelona´ [Art Nou]

La Vanguardia. Culturas. August 20th 2014

Documental: Luz Broto

Cugat.Cat Cultura. July 30th 2014

Adrià Claramunt, ´l´ADN Galeria participarà aquest setembre a la fira ArtRio 2014´ [ADN Galeria] 

AD Architectural Digest. July 31st 2014

Lorena Muñoz, ´Yo comisario: Antonio Lobo´ [Núria Güell] 

El Periódico. 30 de julio de 2014

"Ocho galerías catalanas participarán en la feria internacional ArtRio de Brasil" [ ADN Galería] 

ABC Cultural. July 26th 2014

Javier Guardiola, ´Los artistas se convierten en "Cómplices y Testigos" del cambio de la galería ADN´ 

El Cultural. El Mundo, July 18th 2014

Bea Espejo, ´Cabos Sueltos´ (Luz Broto-ArtNou-ADN Galeria]

El Comercio-Diario de Asturias. July 12th 2014

´Anticrisis Art´ [ Carlos Aires, Chus García-Fraile, Eugenio Merino]

Culturamas. July 10th 2014

Carlos Toribio, ´Cómplices y testigos en ADN Galería´ [Accomplices and Witnesses exhibition]

Diari de Tarragona-Encuentros. June 28th 2014

Jose M.Bueso, ´Porque nuestros antepasados mintieron-Colonia Apócrifa´ [Carlos Aires]

Diari de Tarragona-Encuentros. June 28th 2014

Anna Dot, ´Artistas cómplices y testigos´ [Accomplices and Witnesses] 

BTV. July 3rd 2014

Pla B Program, [Núria Güell-Accomplices & Witnesses]

TV3. June 28th 2014

33recomana Program, [Accomplices and Witnesses]

El Mundo/Tendencias. June 19th 2014

Leticia Blanco, ´When art is a fight´. [Núria Güell]

A*DESK. June 16th 2014

Montse Badia, ´Some embarrassing questions about art and its effect on reality´ [Accomplices and Witnesses]

Terrart. Contemporary Ceramic Review. First semester of 2014

Mercè Coma, ´Mounir Fatmi´ [Mounir Fatmi]

El País. June 6th 2014

Roberta Bosco, ´El cuerpo triunfa en Loop´ [Loop´14-Bouchra Khalili]

La Vanguardia Culturas. June 4th 2014

Rosa Lleó, ´Del documento a la hiperficción´ [Loop 2014]

Time Out. May 28th 2014.

Ricard Mas, "Cómplices y Testigos" [Accomplices and Witnesses exhibition]

El Confidencial. May 20th 2014.

Peio H.Riaño, "Merino takes his fridges far from Spain" [Eugenio Merino]

A*DESK. May 17th 2014

Avelino Sala, "Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, ´Los márgenes de la fábrica´, ADN Platform". [Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum].

ABC. May 14th 2014

Die April 27th 2014

Sabine B.Vogel, "Brüssel: Der Kurator soll es richten", [Mounir Fatmi]

El País. April 17th 2014

Roberta Bosco, "Visualización de lo real" [Núria Güell and Mireia Sallarés]

Tiroler Tageszeitung. April 9th 2014

Ivona Jelcic, "Widerstand im Walzertakt" [Núria Güell and Adrian Melis]

El Periódico. April 15th 2014

Mònica Tudela, "Billetes para la denuncia" [Carlos Aires]

La Vanguardia. April 10th 2014

Teresa Sesé, "El Macba abre la valla". [Núria Güell and Mireia Sallarès]

Bonart. April and May 2014.

Imma Prieto, "Arco: un any més..." [ADN Galería]

The Catalan Galleries Association present GAC awards 2014, [Núria Güell]

ARTFORUM NY. April 4th 2014

Miguel Amado, "Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum". [Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum]

World Policy Blog NY. April 2nd 2014

Sarah Lipkis, "Spanish Artists debate Democracy" [Chus García-Fraile and Núria Güell]

Le Monde Diplomatique. April 1st 2014.

Arte Creative. February 18th 2014.

"Virginie Barré between dreams and digressions". L´Atelier A [Virginie Barré]



El Mundo. March 22th 2014.

Antonio Lucas, "Arte Subversivo". [Democracia]

Cultura/s. La Vanguardia, March 26th, 2014.

Imma Prieto, "No es un juego". [Carlos Aires]

Culture match/art. March 19th 2014

Elisabeth Couturier, "À Paris, l´accès à la culture est sans équivalent!", [Ivan Argote] March 19th, 2014.

La Lata Muda: "Adrián Melis / Time to Relax". [Adrián Melis]

El Cultural. El Mundo, March 7-13th, 2014

David G.Torres: "Antropología del trabajo". [Iratxe Jaio & Klaas Van Gorkum ]

Cultura/s. La Vanguardia. February 26th, 2014

Ingrid Guardiola: " Siete artistas. Las prácticas conceptuales propician algunas de las reflexiones más críticas y perspicaces sobre el mundo cultural" [Núria Güell]

La Razón. February 19th, 2014

Gema Pajares: " La provocación siempre vende. ARCO". [DEMOCRACIA, Eugenio Merino]

ARA. February 23th 2014

Antoni Ribas: "Cinc dissidents entre l´esplendor d´ARCO". [Núria Güell]

El Pais. February 23th, 2014

Roberta Bosco: " Arte comprometido". About ARCO Madrid 2014. [Eugenio Merino, DEMOCRACIA, Adrian Melis]

GARA. February 23th, 2014

Jaime Iglesias: " ARCO recupera el pulso de sus mejores años volviendo a sus señas de identidad" [DEMOCRACIA]

ABC. Cultural. February the 23rd, 2014

David Gistau: "El tanque de Marinetti" About ARCO Madrid 2014 [DEMOCRACIA, Eugenio Merino, Adrian Melis]

La Vanguardia. February the 23rd, 2014

Teresa Sesé: " La feria, ese monstruo que nos devora" [ADN Galería]

ABC cultural - especial ARCO. February 23th, 2014

Eugenio Ampudia - El recorrdio del experto de ARCO 2014 [Iván Argote]

ABC cultural - especial ARCO. February 23th, 2014

Four diferent visions on collecting share their way of undertanding how they interpret art at the ARCO fair

SalonKritik. February 23th, 2014

Ernesto Castro: " Alternativas a Arco" [Adrian Melis, Núria Güell, Carlos Aires]

Diario Noticias de Álava. February 21st, 2014

Concha Carrón: " ARCO: El arte de revela contra los políticos y los desahucios". [DEMOCRACIA, Adrian Melis]

20 minutos. February 21st, 2014

Clara Hernández: " Para no perderse en ARCO". [Eugenio Merino]

Información. February 21st, 2014

Concha Carrón: "Merkel y Bañez también son arte" [Adrian Melis]

GARA. February 21st, 2014

About ARCO Madrid 2014. [Adrian Melis, DEMOCRACIA, Eugenio Merino]

El Periódico. February 20th, 2014

"Arte transgresor. ARCO". [DEMOCRACIA , Eugenio Merino]

La Vanguardia. February 20th, 2014

"El mundo de lo inalcanzable" About ARCO Madrid 2014. [Núria Güell]

La Vanguardia. February 19th, 2014

Teresa Sesé: "Bienvenido mister coleccionista. ARCO". [Eugenio Merino]

ABC cultural - ARCO. February 19th, 2014

Javier Díaz Guradiola: "Back with vengeance" [Eugenio Merino]

Blouin Ferburary 19th, 2014

"From Franco to Guy Fawkes" - About ARCO 2014 [Eugenio Merino]

Yo Dona. El Mundo. February the 14th, 2014

"Las 20 españolas más influyentes" - Section ART  - YO DONA. [Núria Güell]

BTV. El Pla B. February the 7th, 2014

INterview to Carlos Aires about his exhibition: "This is not just fucking business" at ADN Galeria. [Carlos Aires]


Link: Februray the 6th, 2014

Estel Batet: "Business: cares brutes" On Carlos Aires´ exhibition: "This is not just fucking business". [Carlos Aires]

Bonart. February and March, 2014

Aina Mercader: "Reinventar la fira d´art contemporani". Sobre ARCO Madrid 2014. [Democracia]

Bonart. February and March, 2014

Back page image Too much Melanine, 2013 - projecte by Núria Güell. [Núria Güell]

RTVE 1 . February the 4th, 2014

Siglo 21 - contendores de Arte -  interview to Carlos Aires about his exhibition: "This is not just fucking business".[Carlos Aires]



La Vanguardia. January 28th, 2014

Sobre el premis GAC - La nit del galerisme. Núria Güell awarded for the best exhibition in a comercial gallery with: "Displaced allegations" at ADN Galeria . [Núria Güell]

Miniguide, January the 25th, 2014.

Kate Busby about exhibitions in ADN Galería and ADN Platform [Carlos Aires, Núria Güell].

El Périodico Mediterráneo. January 19th, 2014

Sara Llopis: "Critica sobre el control". [adngaleria]

ABC. Cultural. January 11th, 2014

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Amigos y residentes..." [adnplatform]

Expansión. January 10th, 2014

Irene García-Arnau: "Las vías para internacionalizar el negocio de las galerías de arte" [adngaleria]

Bonart. December 2013 - January 2014

Montse Badia: " Crítiques, aplaudiments i bons desitjos" [adnplatform]

ABC, Cultural. December 7th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "¿Quién ganaría el Turner si el premio fuera español?" [DEMOCRACIA, Eugenio Merino, Carlos Aires]

La Vanguardia. December 2nd, 2013

Teresa Sesé interviews Núria GÜell. [Núria Güell]

El Pais. December 1st, 2013

Roberta Bosco: "La reivindicación revolucionaria del arte". [Núria Güell]

Cultura/s. La Vanguardia. November 27th, 2013

Carles Guerra: "La "sitcom" política" [Núria Güell]

Cultura/s. La Vanguardia. November the 20th, 2013

Imma Prieto: "Discursos vacíos" [Adrian Melis]

Ouest France. November 16th, 2013

Frédérique Guiziou: "Odette Spirit, film fragile et lumineux"  [Virginie Barré]

Télégramme. November 16th, 2013

Nora Moreau: "Film court . Paroles de pros!" [Virginie Barré]

El Pais. November 11th, 2013

Tommaso Koch: "Magnates divertidos y despreciables". [Federico Solmi]

Ara. Suplement Play. November 11th, 2013

Interview to Adrian Melis by Sara Armada [Adrian Melis]

Ara. Suplement Play. November 11th, 2013

Antoni Ribas: "La galeria adn obre portes a Sant Cugat" [adnplatform]

Agenda Butxaca, November the 1st, 2013

Irene Pujadas: "Time to relax, ADN Galeria"  [Adrian Melis]

Art in Barcelona. Art - Tours - Photography - Events. October, 2013

Mabel Llevat: "Art Galleries. Circuit of the street Enric Granados. [adn galeria]



Frieze Art Magazine. October, 2013

Max Andrews: "On a shoestring - Institutions in Catalonia" [adnplatform]


Entrevista de Paula Achiaga a Carlos Aires. [Carlos Aires] October 17th, 2013

"Moment to relax". Adn presents: "Time to relax" by the cuban artist Adrian Melis. [Adrian Melis]


Link to the video:

TIme Out. October 16th, 2013.

Josep Lambies: "Ens hem llevat compromesos". [Adrian Melis]

ABC, Cultural. October the 5th, 2013

Anna Maria Guasch: "El relaxing art de Adrian Melis". [Adrian Melis]

A*desk. October 11th, 2013

Anna Dot: "Preferiría no saberlo o todo lo contrario. Adrian Melis en Adn Galería". [Adrian Melis]

Bonart. September, 2013

Fina Duran: "AdnPlatform: més enllà de les boires". [Adn Platform; Colectivo Azotea; Colectivo de vuelta y vuelta]

Frieze nº12. October, 2013

Hannah Stamler: "Ohnmatch als situation". Review on the DEMOCRACIA´s exhibition at the Frankfurter Kunstverein. [DEMOCRACIA]

A*Desk. October the 6th, 2013

Martí Manen: "Zonas oscuras en Suecia. Entrevista a Núria Güell". [Núria Güell]



The Guide Istanbul. October, 2013

Art International Istanbul  [Carlos Aires] September 28th, 2013

"Adrian Melis - Time to relax" [Adrian Melis]



Ara. Suplement Play. September the 6th, 2013.

"Tot torna a començar", Sara Armada. [Adrian Melis]

Artpress, September 2013

"Art & Society in a Spain of a Critical Emergency" by Manuel Segade. [Núria Güell] Septembre the 2nd, 2013

"Adnplatform, més que una galeria". Adn sense programa críptic. [Adn Platform]

Bonart. August, 2013

ADN Galeria opens Adn Platform, a new space in Sant Cugat del Vallés.

El Magazine, La Vanguardia. August 25th, 2013

"El diseño más social", Marta Rodríguez Bosch. [Santiago Cirugeda]

B-Guided. August 6th, 2013

Opening Adn Platform.

Old and new curated by Azotea (Ane Agirre & Juan Canela)

Micro-actions of emergency curated by de vuelta y vuelta (Inés Jover & Claudia Segura)

El, July 31st, 2013

Bea Espejo: "Adrian Melis: producción de sueños"

Diari de Sant Cugat, July 26th, 2013

"La cultura és fonamental, no sé perquè no ho acaben d´entendre", Cinta Caballé [adn platform]

El diario montañes, July 20th, 2013

Rosa M. Ruiz: "Una crítica artística a bancos y a políticos". [Núria Güell]

El diario de cantabria. Alerta. July 20th, 2013

"El MAS presenta una muestra de Núria Güell con obras sobre la expeculación" [Núria Güell]

Diari de Girona. July 13th, 2013

Eudald Camps: "Casar-se per amor a l´art" [Núria Güell]

ABC Cultural. July 13th, 2013.

Javier Díaz-Guardiola:"Cumplir diez es de cobardes" [adn platform]

El, July the 10th, 2013.

Paula Achiaga: "Una nueva galería es posible" [adn platform]

La Vanguardia. July the 8th, 2013.

Teresa Sesé: "Adnplatform, más que una galería". [adn platform]

BTV. July, 8th, 2013.

Plan B  - 10 is more than a number a adngaleria.


Link video:

Madriz. June, 2013.

"El honor de un dictador". [Eugenio Merino]

Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo, PAC, June the 27th, 2013.

"Adn Galería and Adn Platforms´ opening. June 29th, 2013". [adn galería & adn platform]



ABC Cultural, June the 22th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Carlos Aires, Violencia Incontenida". [Carlos Aires]

Avui, June the 21st, 2013

Montse Frisach: "Un brot verd per a l´art" [adnplatform]

Art on Cuba Nº0, June / August, 2013

Direlia Lazo: "The value of Absence" [Adrian Melis]

Artishock. June the 6th, 2013

Avelino Sala: "Iván Argote: Un millón de amigos" [Iván Argote]



Revista Singular. May 2013

Adonay Bermúdez [Eugenio Merino, DEMOCRACIA, Núria Güell]

El Punt-Avui. May 24th, 2013

Maria Palau: " Amor boig pel video art". [Adrian Melis]

La Vanguardia. May 24th, 2013

Teresa Sesé: " Las imágenes de Babel". [Adrian Melis]

El País. May the 24th, 2013

Roberta Bosco: "El cuerpo humano protagonista de la Feria de videoarte Loop". [Adrian Melis]

La Vanguardia. Culturas. May the 15th, 2013

Rosa Lleó: "Trabajar juntos". [Iván Argote] May the 15th, 2013

"Els galeristes independents s´integren a l´Associació Art Barcelona". Miguel Ángel Sánchez is chosen  a member of the Board.

Artmagazine, May the 12th, 2013

Harald Krämer: "Ich setze auf Optimismus"[Adrian Melis]



ABC Cultural. May the 11th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Reclamo el deber a cuestionarnos lo que somos" [Iván Argote]

ABC Culural. May the 11th, 2013

Iván de la Torre: "Orientar el Puslo Urbano" [Daniel & Geo Fuchs]

ABC Cultural. May 4th, 2013.

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Algo se mueve en las galerías de Barcelona". [ADN Platform]

Ivorypress. May the 1st, 2013

Direlia Lazo: From Havana to Kunsthalle [Adrian Melis]

A*desk. April the 25th, 2013

Sonia Fernández Pan: "un millón de amigos: make me tender" about Iván Argote´s exhibition at ADN Galería. [Iván Argote]

Bonart. April, 2013

ADN Galeria participates at Screen Fetsival and LOOP Fair.

El April the 18th, 2013

Ana Pérez-Bryan: "Los primeros de la lista". [Carlos Aires]

Radio 3, Siglo 21. April the 9th, 2013

Interview to Iván Argote at Radio 3, programme Siglo 21 about the exhibition: "A million friends" at ADN Galería. [Iván Argote]



Cuban Art news, April the 9th, 2013

“Update: Adrian Melis in Basel, Yearning & Desire in Florida, and Curadores Come Home in Havana” [Adrian Melis] April the 8th, 2013

Interview to Iván Argote about the exhibition: "A million friends" at ADN Galería. [Iván Argote] April the 5th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Así será Jugada a 3 bandas". [Iván Argote]

El Pais. April the 4th, 2013

Josina Súarez: "Las huellas de Chus García-Fraile". [Chus García-Fraile]

Situaciones. Revista de historia y crítica de arte de l´Escola de història de l´art de Barcelona. March the 31st, 2013

Laia Guillamet: "Alegaciones desplazadas de Núria Güell". About the exhibition at ADN Galeria. [Núria Güell]



La Vanguardia, supplement: Dinero. March the 24th, 2013

Carlos García-Osuna: "Colón y turistas". About the exhibition: A million friends by Iván Argote at ADN Galeria. Curated by Albertine de Galbert. [Iván Argote]

Avui. March the 23rd, 2013

Maria Palau: "Les ganyotes del rei". About the exhibition: A million friends by Iván Argote at ADN Galeria. Curated by Albertine de Galbert. [Iván Argote]

Arte-sur. org. March the 20th, 2013

About the exhibition: A million friends by Iván Argote at ADN Galería. Curated by Albertine de Galbert. [Iván Argote]



Wall Street International. March 19th, 2013

About the exhibition: A milion friends by Iván Argote at ADN Galeria. [Iván Argote]

Link: March the 5th, 2013

Simona Spinola: "Il peso degli assenti - Le sculture iperrealiste di Eugenio Merino & ARCOmadrid 2013" [Eugenio Merino]

Arco Bloggers. March the 5th, 2013

Anna de Golferichs: "Alegaciones desplazadas, Núria Güell en ADN Galeria". [Núria Güell]

La Vanguardia. March the 2nd, 2013

Juan Bufill: "Núria Güell realiza en ADN un ejercicio radical de arte crítico y político" [Núria Güell]

Arco Bloggers. March, the 1st, 2013

: "ARCO 2013: Mesura por mesura" [Núria Güell]

La Raya Verde. Número 5. February the 28th, 2013

Sema D´Acosta: "Arco ¿En el mar de los sargazos?" Sobre ARCO Madrid 2013 [Carlos Aires]

Les Frebruary 22nd, 2013

Judith Benhamou-Huet: "Le marché de l´art espagnol: entre chaos et miracle". ARCO 2013 [Carlos Aires]

Cultura/s, La Vanguardia. February the 20th, 2013

Imma Prieto: "Abusos de poder" [Núria Güell]

BLOUIN ARTINFO, February the 20th, 2013

"Arco 2013 suggests hope in tough times for Spain". ARCO MADRID 2013 [Carlos Aires]

Ànima, TV3, 19 de febrer de 2013

Júlia Bertran interviews Núria Gúell at  the TV programme Ànima. [Núria Güell]

ABCDARCO, February the 17th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Rebel or die". ARCO MADRID 2013 [Carlos Aires]

El País, February the 17th, 2013

Roberta Bosco: "Cada uno, en ARCO, con su feria". ARCO MADRID 2013 [Carlos Aires, Núria Güell]

ABCDARCO, February the 16th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Flashes" ARCO MADRID 2013 [Carlos Aires]

Sur, February the 16th, 2013

A. J. López: "El CAC Málaga compra en Arco obras de Miki Lealy VandeVelde". ARCO MADRID 2013 [Carlos Aires]

ABCDARCO, February the 15th, 2013

Javier Díaz-Guardiola: "Flashes". ARCO MADRID 2013 [ADN Galería]

ABCDARCO, February the 15th, 2013

"The expert route at ARCO MADRID 2013" by Miguel Cereceda. [Núria Güell]

El Periódico, February the 15th, 2013

Olga Pereda: "Apuesta por la imaginación". [Carlos Aires]

La Vanguardia, February the 15th, 2013

Teresa Sesé: "Valía la pena estar en ARCO, pero..." ARCO MADRID 2013 [Eugenio Merino, Núria Güell]

ABCDARCO, February the 14th, 2013

"The expert  route at ARCO 2013" by Fernando Castro Flórez. [Carlos Aires]

Sur, February the 14th, 2013

A. J. López: "First sales of artists from Malaga". [Carlos Aires]

El punt - Avui, February the 14th, 2013

"Madrid feu de l´art", ARCO MADRID 2013. [ADN Galería]

La Vanguardia - Dinero. February the 10th, 2013

Carlos García Osuna: "ARCO: Inquietud y esperanza".   ARCO MADRID Art Fair 2013 [ADN Galería]

ABC, February the 9th, 2013

"Diccionario de imprescindibles ARCO Madrid 2013", Miguel Cereceda [Núria Güell]

Bonart, February 2013

About ARCO 2013. Aina Mercader: "Arco malgrat tot".

Tendencias del Mercado del Arte, February 2013

About ARCO 2013. [Carlos Aires, Democracia, Mounir Fatmi, Chus García-Fraile, Kendell Geers, Núria Güell, Adrian Melis]

ABC Cultural. February the 2nd, 2013

Anna Maria Guasch: "La letra pequeña de las leyes". [Núria Güell]

El Confidencial. January the 31st, 2013

Peio H. Riaño: "Los artistas fundan una alianza contra la sombra del dictador Francisco Franco" [Eugenio Merino]

324. January, 31st, 2013

Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis] January the 31st, 2013

Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

Cultural 21. January the 31st, 2013

"Les galeries d´art catalanes lliuren els seus premis". Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

El Pais. January the 31st, 2013

Roberta Bosco: "Las galerias catalanas entregan sus premios unidas frente a la crisis". Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

Interartive. January, 2013

Marisa Gómez: "El arte de sabotear lo real" Interview with Núria Güell [Núria Güell]

Ara. January the 30th, 2013

Manolo García: "Els Premis GAC 2013 premien la galeria Carles Taché i l´ADN". Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. [Adrian Melis]

Bonart. January the 30th, 2013

"S´entreguen els premis GAC 2013 amb l´absència d´Antoni Muntadas." Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. [Adrian Melis]

El Confidencial. January 30th, 2013

"La galeria Carles Taché, Marta Gili y BTV ganadores d elos premios GAC". Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

El Periodico. January the 30th, 2013

"Els galeristes catalans atorguen els seus premis anuals". Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

El Punt. January the 30th, 2013

Maria Palau: "Els Oscars de l´art". Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

Europapress. January the 30th, 2013

Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

La January the 30th, 2013

 Adrian Melis winner on the category of young artist with the best gallery exhibition. GAC Awards 2013 [Adrian Melis]

Exit Express. January the 24th, 2013

VERTEX, arte, política y sociedad en ADN [ADNplatform] [ADN think tank]

El Cultural de El Mundo, January the 18th, 2013

David G. Torres: "Núria Güell, el valor y el compromiso". Exhibition at ADN Galeria. [Núria Güell]

Siglo XXI, Radio Nacional Española. January the 15th, 2013

Contenedores de arte, about Núria Güell´s exhibition: Displaced allegations at ADN Galeria.

A*Desk, 9 de gener de 2013

Montse Badia: "Alegaciones, apropiaciones y desobediencia civil" [Nuria Güell]

Play. Cultural suplement of the ARA journal. January the 4th, 2013

Sara Armada interviews Núria Güell.

Avui. December the 28th, 2012

Montse Frisach: " Mecanismes perversos". [Núria Güell]

Ara. December the 27th, 2012

Antoni Rivas: "L´art subversiu, humà i emotiu de Núria Güell". Solo show in ADN Gallery. [Núria Güell]

BTV. December the 18th, 2012

Programme Plan B by BTV: Interview to Núria Güell in the context of the exhibition: Displaced allegations, ADN Galeria.  [Núria Güell]

Catalunya Radio, December the 18th, 2012

Interview to Núria Güell in the context of the exhibition: Displaced allegations, ADN Galeria. [Núria Güell] December the 18th, 2012

Interview to Núria Güell in the context of the exhibition: Displaced allegations, ADN Galeria.  [Núria Güell]

EL Pais, December the 17th, 2012

Roberta Bosco, "La artista y el atracador solitario". [Núria Güell]

La Vanguardia, December 14th, 2012

Núria Escur, " Provocación de lo real" [Núria Güell]

La Butxaca, December the 14th, 2012

Exhibition: "Displaced allegations". ADN Galeria

Time Out, December the 12th, 2012

Josep Lambies. Interview with Núria Güell. [Núria Güell]

Periódico. December, 10th, 2012.

Olga Merino. Interview with Núria Güell. [Núria Güell]

Bonart. December, 2012

 "Es pain de Carlos Aires". [Carlos Aires]

El, November the 23rd, 2012

Bea Espejo. "Galerías, el paisaje de la periferia". [ADN Platform]

Cultura/s. La Vanguardia. November the 7th, 2012

Imma Prieto. " Luces del pasado, hoy". Exhibition Cuestión de fe de Chus García-Fraile and Ser y durar de Democracia at ADN Galeria. [DEMOCRACIA, Chus García-Fraile]

La butxaca. September the 31st, 2012

Cira Pérez interviews Núria Güell.

ABC Cultural, October 20th, 2012

J. D. Guardiola. " Ahora o en la hora de nuestra muerte". Exhibition review.  A matter of faith, Chus García-Fraile and To be or to last,  Democracia at ADN Galeria. [DEMOCRACIA, Chus García-Fraile]

BONART, October and November, 2012.

Exhibition A matter of faith by Chus García-Fraile and To be and to last by Democracia at ADN Galeria. [DEMOCRACIA, Chus García-Fraile]

El Cultural de El Mundo, september 28th, 2012

David G. Torres, "Menos es más - Democracia & Chus García-Fraile/ Mireia Saladrigues/ Patricia Dauder" [DEMOCRACIA, Chus García-Fraile]

Exit Express, September 21st, 2012

"Ser y Durar" y "Cuestión de fe" en ADN [DEMOCRACIA, Chus García-Fraile]

ABC, September 15th, 2012

Oscar Alonso Molina, “Trabajos Forzados” [Adrian Melis], July 19th, 2012

Sergio Rodrìguez, “Igor Eskinja proyecta lo invisible sobre lo visible” [Igor Eskinja]

El Diario de Cantabria, July 14th, 2012

“El MAS acoge hoy la muestra ‘Stock’ del cubano Adrian Melis” [Adrian Melis]

El Diario Montañés, July 14th, 2012

José Maria Gutiérrez, "El arte de la improductividad" [Adrian Melis]

El Mundo Cantabria, July 14th, 2012

G.P., “Un trabajo antropológico centra el “Stock” de Adrian Melis en el MeBAS” [Adrian Melis]

ArtNexus, June 2012

Direlia Lazo, "Adrian Melis" (exhibition review of "Nuevas estructuras de producción" at ADN galeria) [Adrian Melis]

Diario SUR, June 14th, 2012

Antonio Javier López, "El malagueño Carlos Aires hace doblete en Basilea, el mayor escaparate del arte actual" [Carlos Aires]

La Vanguardia, June the 14th, 2006

Albert Martínez López-Amor, "De fuera vendrán" [Federico Solmi]

La Vanguardia, June 9th, 2012

Eusebio Val, “Merino lleva sus ironías a Milán” [Eugenio Merino]

El País - Cataluña, June 1st, 2012

Roberta Bosco, “‘Servicio de habitaciones’ del Loop con el videoarte de Peter Greenaway” [Federico Solmi]

Bonart, June 2012

“Construccions justes" [Igor Eškinja]

Arte y Parte, May-June 2012

“Igor Eškinja” [Igor Eškinja]

El Pais, Juny the 1st, 2012

Roberta Bosco: "Servicio de habitaciones" [Federico Solmi]

El Pais, June the 1st, 2012

Roberta Bosco, "Las imágenes con ordenador crecen entre la oferta de LOOP" [Federico Solmi]

La Vanguardia, June the 1st, 2012

Teresa Sesé, "El cine ha muerto, viva el videoarte" [Federico Solmi]

Underdogs blog, May the 29th, 2012

About the exhibition "Cosntructions" at ADN Galeria [Igor Eskinja]

La Vanguardia, May 24th, 2012

Teresa Sesé, "SWAB. Arte en una máquina de vending" [Adrian Melis]

ARA, May 24th, 2012

Antoni Ribas, "Els artistes de la fira SWAB s´encaren amb la mort" [Bruno Peinado]

El País Blogs - Tormenta de ideas, May 7th, 2012

Ivan de la Nuez, “La medida del arte” [Adrian Melis]

Revista Atlántica XXII, May 2012

Luis Feás, “El guiñol español” [Eugenio Merino]

El Cultural de El Mundo, April 27th, 2012

David G. Torres, “Adrian Melis, Cuba presente” [Adrian Melis]

Le Quotidien de l’Art, April 18th, 2012

Roxana Azimi, “Zoom sur les jeunes galeries d’ArtBrussels” [Adrian Melis]

LEcho - Sabato, 14 April 2012

Alain Servais, “Shopping à nos frais” [Bruno Peinado, Regina J. Galindo]

La Vanguardia - Cultura/s, April 11th, 2012

Imma Prieto, “Adrian Melis. El paradigma de la evasión” [Adrian Melis]

ABC - El Cultural, March 24th, 2012

Javier Díaz-Guardiola, interview with Adrian Melis, “Me siento una especie de salvador” [Adrian Melis]

La Vanguardia - Dinero, March 18th, 2012

Felipe de Guevara, “Dilema, paradoja” [Adrian Melis]

Le Monde Diplomatique, March 2012

Ramón Chao, “El Azor, de la historia al matadero” [Eugenio Merino]

ABCDARCO, February 16th, 2012

Andrea C. Fernández S. , “El recorrido del experto. Fernando Castro Flórez” [Carlos Aires, Eugenio Merino]

La Vanguardia, February 15th, 2012

Teresa Sesé, “¡Pocas bromas! ARCO” [Eugenio Merino]

El País, February 14th, 2012

Peio H. Riano, “Franco, presente...en Arco” [Eugenio Merino]

La Vanguardia - Dinero, February 12th, 2012

Carlos García-Osuna, “El mejor arte contemporáneo” [Democracia, Eugenio Merino, Bruno Peinado]

El Pais, February the 4th, 2012

Peio H. Riaño, "Franco, presente en ARCO..."

La Vanguardia, October 29th, 2011

Juan Bufill, "Benchamma y Vogl juegan con los límites en ADN". About the exhibition: Signal faible and She brings the rain at ADN galeria. [Abdelkader Banchamma y Ulrich Vogl]

Bonart, octubre de 2011

About the exhibition La signal faible de Abdelkader Benchamma. [Abdelkader Benchamma]

Cultura/s de La Vanguardia, September the 28th, 2011

Noelia Hernández, "Dibujo expandido". About the exhibition: Signal faible and She brings the rain at ADN galeria. [Abdelkader Banchamma y Ulrich Vogl]

Tendencias del mercado dle arte, September, 2011

"Arco ¡Que vienen los rusos!". Arco 2011 [Carlos Aires, Bruno Peinado, Eugenio Merino]

La Opinión de Málaga, September the 2th, 2011

Alejandra Guillén. "Arco poco malagueño". Arco 2011 [Carlos Aires]

Avui - Presència, July 21st, 2011

Maria Palau, "Mestissos 100%". Exhibition: Close up / Wild angle at ADN galeria. [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]

Bonart, July 2011

Exhibition: Close up / Wild angle at ADN galeria. [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]

ABC cultural, July the 9th, 2011

Andrés Castaño, "El ángulo Pop". Exhibition: Close up / Wild angle ay ADN galeria. [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]

La Vanguardi, May 27th, 2011

Teresa Sesé, Joven, artista, emergente. About SWAB art fair, 2011 [Carlos Aires]

Avui - Presència, May 2011

Exhibition: Let´s get physycal by Carlos Aires at ADN galeria. [Carlos Aires]

La Vanguardia, May the 1st, 2011

Felipe de Guevara, "Contra todo". About the exhibition: Let´s get physycal by Carlos Aires at ADN galeria. [Carlos Aires]

ABC cultural, April the 30th, 2011

Javier Díaz-Guardiola, "Bocados de realidad". About the exhibition: Let´s get physycal by Carlos Aires at ADN galeria. [Carlos Aires]

El cultural de El Mundo, April 29th, 2011

David G. Torres. About the exhibition Let´s get physical at ADN galeria. [Carlos Aires]

Bonart, April, 2011

Let´s get physycal. [Carlos Aires]

El Periódico, February 16th 2011

Natalia Farré, "Adiós a la provocación". ARCO 2011 [Carlos Aires, Chus García-Fraile]

Diario de, February, 15th, 2011

Arco, 2011. [Carlos Aires, Eugenio Merino, Bruno peinado, Igor Eskinja]

Tendencias del mercado del arte, February, 2011

"Yo acuso". Interview with the artist.  [Santiago Cirujeda], 14.12.2010

About the exhibition For Sale de Santiago Cirujeda. [Santiago Cirujeda]

Dominical, February the 13th, 2011

"40 artistes espanyols que renoven les avantguardes" [Chus García Fraile]

esmadrid, February, 2011

ARCO 2011 [Igor Eskinja]

Corriere della Sera, January 29th, 2011

"A Bologna la vetrina dell´arte che verrà". Artefiera 2011 [Carlos Aires]

Avui, January the 27th, 2011

Conxita Oliver, "Reinvencions del món". About the exhibition For Sale by Santiago Cirujeda. [Santiago Cirujeda]

La Vanguardia, January the 16th, 2011

Tomás Paredes, "Autocrítica". [Santiago Cirujega]

Artitude, January the 13th, 2011

"La ricetta di Cirugeda: nuovi habitat urbani per battere la crisi". About exhibition For Sale by Santiago Cirujeda. [Santiago Cirujeda]

Bonat, January, 2011

About the exhibition For Sale by Santiago Cirujeda. [Santiago Cirujeda]

El Cultural, December 16th, 2010

Bea Espejo. Exhibition For Sale by Santiago Cirujeda. [Santiago Cirujeda]

Neo2, December 13th, 2010

 Exhibition For Sale by Santiago Cirujeda. [Santiago Cirujeda]

La Vanguardia, November the 27th, 2010

Juan Bufill. "Eugenio Merino olvida el escándolo y denuncia la guerra" [Eugenio Merino]

El Culural, November the 25th, 2010

David G. Torres, "Renovado Eugenio Merino" [Eugenio Merino]

El Pais, October the 11th, 2010

Catalina Serra, " El vinilo se hace arte". Tardor de l´Art. [Carlos Aires]

La Vanguardia, October the 7th, 2010

Teresa Sesé, "El vinilo, una más de las Bellas Artes". Opening season for the galeries in Barcelona. [Carlos Aires]

d(x)i, September, 2010

Exhibition: Body 5 arrives de Tobias Bernstrup [Tobias Bernstrup]

Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo, PAC, September 11th, 2010

Oscar García García, "Exposición antibelicista de Eugenio Merino en ADN Galería"

Nexo 5, September the 7th, 2010

Exhibition: Body 5 arrives by Tobias Bernstrup [Tobias Bernstrup]

El Cultural de El Mundo, July the 16th, 2010

Sobre exposició "Special Effects" ADN Galeria. [Igor Eskinja]

Avui, July the 1st, 2010

Conxita Oliver: "Generador de complicitats" [Igor Eskinja]

La Vanguardia, May the 14th, 2010

Teresa Sesé: "La feria Swab reune el arte más joven". Swab Art fair [Carlos Aires]

Above, Spring 2010

[Chus García-Fraile]

La nació, December, the 26th, 2009

Celina Chatruc, "El gesto final" [Eugenio Merino]

El Punt. November the 15th, 2009

Maria Palau: L´art marca un gol al futbol [Democracia]

El Pais. November the 13th, 2009

J. M. Martí Font: El fútbol, todo un arte [Democracia]

El Periódico. November, the 13th, 2009

Natàlia Farré: Las Galerías se llenan de fútbol en un intento de atraer público [Democracia]

le cool. Novembre the 12th, 2009

Opening ADN Galeria [Democracia]

Artnotes, October, 2009

[Eugenio Merino]

ABC, February the 12th, 2009

Natividad Pulido, "Arco dispara a la crisis a discreción" [Eugenio Merino]

Público, September the 13th, 2009

Cristina Díaz, "Al mal tiempo, buen arte" [Eugenio Merino]

Noova. September 11th, 2009

Ne vous laissez pas consoler [Democracia]

Serie B. September, 2009

Ramón Peco: La fuerza de la Democracia [Democracia]

Pavilion, journal for politics and culture. November, 2009

Welfare State Smashing the Ghetto [Democracia], May the 29th, 2009

"Danzad, danzad, malditos. Realidad versus Ficción en el último trabajo de Carlos Aires."  Exhibition Danzad, danzad malditos by Carlos Aires. [Carlos Aires]

Hoy es arte, May the 15th, 2009

"Carlos Aires y su danzad, danzad malditos." Exhibition Danzad, danzad malditos by Carlos Aires. [Carlos Aires]

El Cultural de El Mundo, April the 30th, 2009

David G. Torres. Exhibition by Bruno Peinado and Virginie Barré at ADN galeria. [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]

Público, March 27th, 2009

Lidia Penelo, "En movimiento sobre fondo amarillo". [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]

The Art Newspaper, March, 2009

Private collectors active [Eugenio Merino]

ARTCAT, March the 6th, 2009

VOLTA NY 2009 [Eugenio Merino]

The Guardian, February the 18th, 2009

Suicide sculpture of Damian Hirst causes controversy in Spain [Eugenio Merino]

Público, February the 13th, 2009

"Hirst no aguanta más y se vende en la segunda jornada" [Eugenio Merino]

Gaceta, February the 13th, 2009

ARCO 2009 [Eugenio Merino]

El Periódico, February the 13th, 2009

Mercedes Jansa, "Las galerías catalanas apuestan por artistas consagrados en ARCO" [Eugenio Merino]

La Vanguardia, February the 12th, 2009

Teresa Sesé, "Arco entre las nubes y la esperanza" [Eugenio Merino]

El Mundo, February the 12th, 2009

Antonio Lucas, "Arco ¿rebajas contra la tormenta? [Eugenio Merino]

Diseñart, febrer 2009

ARCO 2009 [Eugenio Merino]

Lapiz, 2008

Anna Adell, "El Fetichismo del obtejo artíctico" [Daniel and Geo Fuchs]

B-guided 34, november 2008

Daniel and Geo Fuchs

ABC, October the 25th, 2008

"Ande yo caliente" [Eugenio Merino]

Nexo 5, Septembre, 2008

About the exhibition: Même les choses invisibles se cachent de Abdelkader Benchamma and Global warning de Eugenio Merino at ADN Galería. [Abdelkader Benchamma, Eugenio Merino]

Calle 20, September, 2008

About the exhibition: Même les choses invisibles se cachent de Abdelkader Benchamma and Global warning de Eugenio Merino at ADN Galería. [Abdelkader Benchamma, Eugenio Merino]

ARTSCALE. June, 2008

Domingo Mestre: Art after (the end of) the banquets [Democracia ; Eugenio Merino]

Lápiz. February, 2008

Piedad Solans: Mitologías de la redención versus espacio público [Democracia]

Lápiz. February, 2008

Mónica Rebollar: Lidiando con la realidad [Democracia]

Nexo, January the 30th, 2008

Branko Franceschi. "Fotografias del artista croata Igor Eskinja". About the exhibition Fugaz de ADN Galeria. [Igor Eskinja]

El pais, January, 17th, 2008

Art [Daniel and Geo Fuchs]

MAG Miami Art Guide, January 2008

Miami Art Fair 2008 [Chus García-Fraile]

Metropolitan, enero 2008

"Works of a decade" [Daniel and Geo Fuchs]

Calle 20, December, 2007

"Una década con Daniel & Geo Fuchs" [Daniel and Geo Fuchs]

El temps de l´art, novembre 2007

"Works of a decade" [Daniel and Geo Fuchs]

El Periódico, October 25th, 2007

Natalia Farré: "Espacios reinventados" [Concha Pérez]

La Vanguardia, October the 24th, 2007

Naila Vázquez: "Habitar lo inhabitable" [Concha Pérez]

Benzina, October, 2007

Neus Miró: "A la recerca de la petjada" [Concha Pérez]

Exit-express, October, 2007

"Ausencias, refugios, Abandonos" [Concha Pérez]

El Cultural, September the 20th, 2007

David G. Torres: "Concha Pérez, el espacio y sus usos" [Concha Pérez]

Bonart, september, 2007

Núria F. Rius, "Refugis, absències, abandonaments" [Concha Pérez]

Calle 20, september, 2007

Exhibition ADN [Concha Pérez]

Avui, July, 2007

Exposició: Enemies of the earth by Tobias Bernstrup [Tobias Bernstrup]

Calle 20, April, 2007

Exhibition: Enemies of the earth by Tobias Bernstrup [Tobias Bernstrup]

Arte y Parte, April, 2007

Exhibition: Enemies of the earth by Tobias Bernstrup [Tobias Bernstrup]

Artitude, April the 10th, 2007

Exhibiton: Enemies of the earth by Tobias Bernstrup [Tobias Bernstrup]

Avui, October the 12th, 2006

Exhibition  ADN Galeria [Chus García-Fraile]

Arte y Parte, Chus García Fraile, october 2006

Exhibition Adn Galeria [Chus García-Fraile]

Benzina, October, 2006

Exhibition ADN Galeria [Chus García-Fraile]

Neo, october, 2006

Exhibition ADN [Chus García-Fraile]

Calle 20, September, 2006

Exhibition ADN Galeria [Chus García-Fraile]

Diseño interior, September, 2006

Exhibition ADN [Chus García-Fraile]

A*Desk, June the 13th, 2006

David G. Torres, "¿Qué tendrá el dibujo?" [Federico Solmi]

Link: file://///Servidoradn/usr/ADN/WEB/prensa/Federico%20Solmi/King%20Kong_2006-5-12_A-Desk%20N%C2%BA5.htm

Le cool, November the 12th, 2005

Performance at la Paloma, Barcelona. [Tobias Bernstrup]

El Periódico, Februaru the 22nd, 2005

Eva Moya, "Asesinatos y apropiaciones". Exhibition: El Corte francés at ADN galeria. [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]

La Vanguardia - Dinero, February the 20th, 2005

Juan Bufill, "Creer en los esqueletos". Exhibition: El Corte francés at ADN galeria. [Virginie Barré, Bruno Peinado]