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/ The Rebel City
The Rebel City (Miguel Amado)

From May 24th to October 25th 2014


Kyle Goen & Dread Scott /Nicoline van Harskamp /Anna Moreno / Ahmet Öğüt / Oliver Ressler / Allan Sekula /Gregory Sholette / Stephanie Syjuco


The Rebel City examines the urban space as a site of anti-capitalist struggle. It brings together artists based in Europe and the United States—regions where capitalism originally developed, and where it has been contested in recent years.The featured works engage with dissent symbolically, by evoking the iconography, intellectual roots, and material culture of protest.


The exhibition includes works that cite the 1999 Seattle demonstrations against the World Trade Organization; works that refer to Occupy Wall Street, a fundamental example of an anti-capitalist uprising in a metropolis; works that consider anarchism’s role as a key theoretical source of anti-capitalist politics; and works that explore the financialization of daily life.


Curated by Miguel Amado