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adn galeria
C. Enric Granados, 49
08008 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 451 00 64

Judas Arrieta uses painting and drawing, along with sculpture and video, mixing eastern pop iconography with western thinking; he paints and draws his characters on industrial tissues full of bright colors, crossing lines, faces that mix up to create a pop-tasting mass.


Since the beginning Arrieta’s work has been developing on two different but parallels tracks, as he tells us: one is history of art, especially painting, and the other is Asian pop iconography or the manga. My work is and has been an investigation on how to involve and use all the influences in a new and personal way.”The figurativeness of Judas Arrieta can be resumed in the manga universe, appropriation of visual fragments, which he de-contextualizes and transforms in abstract on recycled textile supports, sails and wood; a meditation on contemporary uneasiness and an exercise of pictorial hybridism. The exhibitions of the last years have been interdisciplinary, an interaction among painting, drawing, digital art, sculpture and video.

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