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Sin estado

Sin Estado project leaves from the collaboration of: Todo por la Praxis, Santiago Cirugeda and Democracia, that propose a multidisciplinary intervention from the art and the architecture, in the context of the illegal establishments of population in La Cañada Real (Madrid), put under at the moment a process of evacuation and demolition. From the Seventies this establishment has been growing and in this way its social configuration has been done more complex, lodging more than two thousand houses and almost forty thousand inhabitants, reuniting antagonistically: Spaniards and foreigners, the illegal drug traffic with the business of the construction, shanty houses with villas and hotels in front of country houses.

Sin Estado responds to a double reading from his name: the use of public funds destined to the art who have been turned aside to interventions of social character, in a space like La Cañada Real in which the same administration refuses itself to carry out any public service; as well as Sin Estado it alludes to this territory deregulated and marginal as far as the legal and administrative structures.

The project Sin Estado proposes La Cañada Real to be the subject of study and work in progress, paying attention to the development of this space outside the margins of the administrative control. Also it is tried to put in context the specific projects of La Cañada Real with respect to other similar situations, like the construction of a civic center in the gypsy town of Penamoa (in the City council of A Corunna) carried out by Santiago Cirugeda, or the recordings of the demolition of the shanty town of the Salobral (Madrid) by Democracia.

Sin Estado tries to think from the practice, the potentialities and the contradictions of the artistic work in the social scope, approaching La Cañada Real from different perspectives from action: from the cartography to the negotiation with the social movements seated for the grant of infrastructures or services of communitarian use there; from the generation of processes of visualization of the territory to a reflection on the contradictions of the own process.



Santiago Cirugeda Artist, architect and social agitator. He has 14 years developing subversive projects in the urban reality. He defines himself as “a-legal”, when trying to take advantage of the legal emptiness for benefit the community. With a special commitment and social sensitivity, he stimulates self-management and self-construction from the own communities. “Ojo Crítico Prize” of Plastic Arts awarded Cirugeda by its capacity to relate its creative work to the urban social reality; by "his work approaching the architecture to the Street ".

His Website “recetas urbanas” is the compendium of the interventions that has developed as a social agitator, whom it looks for to find in the own population the tools to surpass and to make clear the local bureaucracies about the housing or accommodation problem. Their main preoccupations are the ephemeral architecture, the recycling and the development of strategies of occupation and urban intervention. His more recent projects are: in the 2007 rehabilitation of the shanty town As Rañas (A Coruña), consisting of 19 houses for 75 inhabitants, all relatives: "The Gabarri", with a subsidy of 300,000 € of the City Council. In the 2008: it constructs the Civic Center of the gypsy town of Penamoa contracted by the City Council (A Coruña). Santiago Cirugeda designs these “modules of coexistence” it has called since them, where the inhabitants will receive courses of social integration and labour training. Each is two facilities of 250mt2, located next to the water tanks of this town, with the idea that they work like social center.

According to the predicted plan the next ones will be the neighbors of the district El Campanario.

To Sin Estado exhibition, Santiago Cirugeda proposes a public equipment that consists in a Self-constructed launching slips for the football ground of the zone of La Cañada Real. When implying to his inhabitants in the construction, it offers inclusion situations and social acceptance with low cost, made with recycled materials in its majority, and in only 4 days, this structure can be constructed by the own neighbors. Also their interventions in center Civic of Penamoa will be able to be appraised as well as the accomplishment of different scale models and projects as “Recetas Urbanas” so that the inhabitants of marginal populations find practical solutions to their conflicts.



Democracy Work party formed in Madrid by Iván Lopez and Pablo Spain. They approach the artistic practice centered in the discussion and the confrontation of ideas and forms of action. Its interest is in the intervention of the social scope through a directly approach with the real thing. They do not understand the urban scope like a space for the consensus but for the conflict, or to try its staging at least. A tendentious, critical speech, none neutral and ideologically slanted.

His more recent works and interventions are: “Todos sois culpable salvo yo” consisting of a reflection around the pain and “the victim show of” like tools of will of The Power, in the today culture, Ideal Project, Victim and Módulo de Actividad Democrática (MAD)

In the 2007 they shows the video-artistic installation: Welfare State (Smash The Guetto) in which as a sport spectacle, projects the demolition of the shanty town of El Salobral (in Madrid) -one of the majors shanty towns of Europe- and the people like hooligans, celebrates its disappearance. Democracy Shop: a boutique somewhat different in which t-shirts and caps take to the word “democracy” in the style of different imperialistic logos like "Disney" for example starting from the crude image of soldier Lynddie England committing tortures in the prison Abu Ghraib in Iraq. Democracy alludes to the initiation of these soldiers to "Western culture and its democratic value" in a very ironic way. It is an initiatory rite to the Jackass style? The reflection: In what democracy we live, if these are the democratic flags that have justified the Second Gulf War to save to a town submissive by the dictatorship?

Other projects like curators: Creador de Dueños as reflection on the symbolic logic of the consumption, No-Futuro: around the future like euphemism of the word “death” and Madrid Abierto 2008 like proposal of public art promoted by the City council of Madrid and the Cultural Association Abierto Madrid, consisting of 13 artistic interventions in El Paseo La Castellana, to reflect the problems of the city through art and where indeed Todo por la Praxis with its Especulator project participates.

In Sin Estado they show photos to us of the Tunning Girls like pin-ups, in the middle of these marginal towns, next to the trucks that will demolish their houses. Also they project interviews to the inhabitants of La Cañada Real, against sweeping images of the evacuation, as well as the video Welfare State (Smash The Guetto) like subversive image in this fight. Democracia offers in this exhibition souvenirs label: “Sin Estado” like caps, t-shirts and forceful objects for drug consumption, everything what it can be acquired in a place Sin Estado.



Diego Peris and Rafa Turnes form in 1999 Todo por la Praxis and they are defined as a collective intellectual, an amplifying laboratory of aesthetic projects of cultural resistance. They offer tools for the intervention in the public space of a way activist and opposition.

Activists act like conjuncture between the artistic practices, praxis architectonic that interconnects space public and the social communication to create spaces of immaterial interchange of opposition. They look for to symbolize a social conflict in an aesthetically effective execution on the public space.

They consider themselves as “agitpop” of the marginal public space like total resistance to the hegemony of post-material Capitalism. They project "desire of ending with the hidden dumb masses", they are the dark side imposed by the blind forces of the capital. They consider that the resistance spaces are potential artistic projects, as a way to socially articulation.

Their recent projects: Speculator, character that they generate to personify the super-villain or iconic speculator of social Capitalism. Empty World: installation of a virtual office of the Real estate agency of Empty House - Empty World- as well as the development of five tips or "five steps to demolish to Capitalism from the house". This agency has as an aim to put in the market the existing empty houses, (more than three million in the Spanish State) through registry and virtual catalogue of the same.

In the exhibition Sin Estado Todo por la Praxis collaborate mapping the zone, making postals with landscapes and posters with pictures of the inhabitants of La Cañada Real, as well as the execution of a plan of “legal consultant´s office” who show in different scale models.

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