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Salim Bayri - Welcoming

Salim Bayri - Welcoming
From September 5th - 16th, 2017



Salim Bayri (Casablanca, 1992) presents Welcoming, within the framework of Art Nou Primera Visió Festival. Bayri invites us to his exhibition without previously trying to seduce us. No social media, no promotion strategy. He welcomes us from the start. The invitation is a sort of surprise party that works differently from surprise parties: the honored guests are the only one who know. The surprise is reserved for the attendees, who ignore what will happen. 


The audience is invited to a presentation’s presentation that reproduces canons based on the idea of revealing. They will be the witnesses of a curtain drop. Whatever the show reveals belongs to the monstrous realm. It demands secrecy. The secrecy also feeds us with a morbid fascination. The monstrous and the inappropriate are not promoted: they show up unexpectedly.

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