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Cómplices y testigos

From May 25th to August 7th 2014


The exhibition “Accomplices and Witnesses” is based on the idea of the artist as an accomplice and witness of social dynamics requiring an active implication, commitment and a positioning which goes beyond the act of denouncing. The works exhibited are introduced as propositional statements of intentions, whether in a documentary way, process-based or object-based productions, from artists that question the hegemonic notion of community built around the fiction of individualism, through a capacity of affective and effective transformation.


Being spectator of our own reality is not an option anymore: taking action, finding oneself implicated and taking a stand is an answer that arise new paradigms. The strength of some compromised artists is increasingly taking value in front of the decline of some dynamics showing signs of obsolescence and of a society based on the hegemony of powers.


The featured artists of Accomplices and Witnesses are a clear example of this trend: all of them deal with some of the main problems of society; they do not close their eyes neither lead a revolution, but rather assume an ethical responsibility. They are involved in ´unauthorized´ spheres, promoting other ways of participation and social transformation, and creating new ways of relations between art, society and life, in short,  navigating between collaboration, interaction and collective action.


The works invite visitors to be not only public witnesses but agents that ultimately commit to resist for justice and change. As Jean-Luc Nancy affirms in The Inoperative Community (1986), we must retrieve the power of the community defined by the relational and by how the individual recovers its role of witness and accomplice as an act of resistance to the immanence of power.



Marcos Ávila Forero

Ivan Argote


Mounir Fatmi

Núria Güell

Iratxe Jaio & Klaas Van Gorkum

Bouchra Khalili

Levi Orta

Mireia Sallarés

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