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Art Nou - Rebel Karaoke by Ivan Brazhkin & Time to Relax by Adrian Melis

From September the 5th to the 21st, 2013 - Ivan Brazhkin

From September the 5th to November the 30th, 2013 - Adrian Melis

Opening: Thursday 5th of September, 2013 from 6 pm.


Within the context of ART NOU, Adn Galería presents the artwork: "Rebel Karaoke" (2011) by the Russian artist Ivan Brazhkin (1985, Russia). The project is a video installation showing recent political and social demonstrations, protests and strikes in Russia and all over the world all recorded as karaoke. The installation is based on a projection of footage and a microphone for the public use.  The installation confronts politics with entertainment: spectators get the chance to “take part”, in solidarity with the demands made during events they were never involved in, and can blend in with the crowd of demonstrators and assume a political identity.


As a preview of the solo show: "Time to relax" by Adrian Melis (1985, Cuba) which will be completed on Thursday of September 26th, we will be able to appreciate along this two weeks some new productions such as "Light off", "Replacement points" and “Time to relax” amongst others. “The best effort” as a major piece for the individual exhibition will be presented on September 26th. The compendium of artworks portray the tense situation generated by contemporary political, social and economical events yet depicted from a poetic and subtle angle.


[With the support of BAF. General de Catalunya.]

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