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Drawing & Dreaming

Acknowledged as previous exercise to any kind of artistic creation, drawing is currently considered an independent artistic field within contemporary art scene. Borders among different practices soften as drawing’s immediacy, freshness and versatility get stronger thanks to its high expressive, narrative and plastic means.

Far from conceptuality and strictness, drawing shows innocence, freedom but also transparency becoming source of inside processes that may outcome as artwork.

Drawing is emotional, experiential, a narrative trip from the inside to reach the outside, it digs into irrationality and repression claiming personal and unique realms, occasionally bordering utopia.

Drawing also encompasses a debate between high artistic means and low artistic outputs, drawing as individual grammar that allows another way of thinking using very simple tools: a paper and a pencil is enough to write drawing.

Clearly influenced by comic, urban posters, graffiti stencils and cartoons, Drawing & Dreaming reinforces drawing as a format that proposes new conception of society under humorous, critical and why not, satirical perspective.


Abdelkader Benchamma


We could approach Benchamma’s drawings as writing where mental and utopic events become reality for a while. A sober universe, without color but as much sensitive as oniric where fantasy and the absurd are combined to create a personal cosmos directly captured on paper.


Petra Mrzyk & Jean-François Moriceau 


Departing from mingling and playing with surprise,Mrzyk &Moriceau draw with four hands creating a reality that comes from everyday life, sliding among societies´ clichés with a touch of humor while prompting a critical view. Ideas along with clever analogies shape a world where the absurd and eroticism, surrealism and the unexpected are combined.



Judas Arrieta


Judas’ universe takes us onto manga subculture and to the most oriental contemporary iconography. Influenced by cinema and comic, Local Hero series is made up by visual fragments that Judas keeps in his reservoir, placing them on paper by flashes utilizing little cartoon characters, onomatopoeias and Asiatic typography.




Pierre La Police


Based on more than known advertising and media society stereotypes, Pierre La Policeforms a world where icons and characters from collective imaginary are subjected to his own checking. The society of consumerism and his attraction for cartoon aesthetics informs the artist on The Supremacist series, misleading the audience with humour and irony games.


Virginie Barré


Influenced by childhood and cinematographic universes, Virginie creates stages that take us to our most primary desires, her drawings don’t tell us stories, but they contain them. Her big sensibility thanks to a smooth but bright line, make her little characters a bit disturbing. Innocent or perverse? Are they our friends or our enemies about to get off the frame? 

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