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Ad Hóminem

With a powerful and direct visual ending, Marc Quintana (Tarragona, 1975) presents at ADN his last serie Ad Hóminem, composed by ten enamels on wood and an installation connecting directly with the serie. This installation suposes a forward step in Quintana’s carreer, as he debuts with a three-dimension work.


Carrying his dichotomy approach on, predominant along his path, dialectics between abstract image and infographic image made by painting divided in two suggests confrontation. In a side a monochromatic and materia composition, in the other side pop style faces made by acrylic on cinematographic background covered by protective face masks.


The strong industrial nature of the works proposes a contrast but also dialogue. The faces work together with the colours thanks to their glances or by their mere presence but, amazingly they have, voluntarily or not, deleted their sense of smell so they cannot perceive what is represented beside them. Framed in an up-to-date context full of contradictions, the works recall visitor’s imagination.  


Trained in the field of painting and engraving, Quintana uses pictorial medium to represent a generation, his generation, in which metropolis and technological development marks society’s rhythm. If his last work Ikons, Marc played with apparent non-importance objects and matters, Ad Hóminem, instead shows a clear interest for the intership given between human being and his/her environment.

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